i am going to germany for 2 weeks, any tips on hotels,cubs,bars,party spots,women???please help!!!!!!?

i am going to germany for 2 weeks in late december...i know about the christmas market..i will have a blast there, but i dont know which day i am going to arrive there, because i am taking a military flight over there..so how would i go about getting a hotel room in munich,germany?? can a hostess at the airport help me out? are the women in germany pretty nice, i am going to germany alone...is there a chance that i will meet a german girl that will want to be with me at the bars or clubs or just walking around germany? i have been in iraq for a couple of months..without any females..i am hoping to go over there and have a good time, drink some german beer, learn about the culture and meet some of the gorgeous ladies over there..do you think i will get laid in germany??i am a great looking guy in the army, tall,brown hair, very sexy...what are the chances of me hooking up with a german woman there? do they have spas or saunas at most of the hotels? someone please help me plan my trip...

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    In Germany, the girls are the nicer the world

    Good Bye!

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    If you really look the way you say, you shouldn't have any problem meeting a woman. Go to a dance club.

    I'm not sure about the hotels, but is there a USO at the Munich airport? They should be able to help you. Or get a taxi. I'm sure the taxi driver knows of some hotels.

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    Hi there from Germany! Where u wanna go to in Germany? Do u just stay in Munich? Would u like to travel around a bit like going to some nice places like Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin etc.?

    Of course we do have spas and stuff here and I do not agree with mikado - lot's of Germans speak English and it's possibly too hard for you to study German now, lol...

    To find good hotels, go to: www.hotel.de This site is also available in English language.

    If you want to plan a good and amusing tour, don't hesitate to contact me, I could give you some good advice.

    German women...well... It's like everywhere in this world, you cannot force anybody to join u, but Germans are open minded people and I'll cross my fingers that u'll gonna find what u r looking for.

    So far... tschüß from Germany :-)

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    Yes, I guess there should be a hostess at the airport who can help you. Munich is a big city, you will have some fun there.

    There are many sights.

    The bavarian ladies are nice. But will they understand you ? Not all Germans speak English. You should learn some German.

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    Have a good Time...i hope you are not stay alone on Christmas ! Have a nice Holiday ! German Girls are very Nice ! Bye

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    Read our Germany travelogues: http://www.thetravelzine.com/ for ideas for your trip!

    Happy travels!

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