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How do/can i get in shape?

Fact im not in shape at all i havent exersized in my life besides pysical education,I dont eat healthy i just eat junk food.

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    At the age of twelve I was fat and bullied hating this I knew I had to get strong, I took up boxing telling my coach I wanted to be strong, he then told me 2 things and I Iistened it worked for me and in the end of a year I could jog 12km to training and home, 250 reps of chinups,situps & push ups all 1 after another.

    The coach said to me Step 1 make the decision to change:

    once you are committed the rest will fall into line.

    Healthy eating is easy once you relize that there is some great tasting healty food out there, for example Healthy choice meals such as sweet chilli and lime chicken, put it in the microwave easy.

    Step 2 Exercise:

    You only have to change what you do by 1% aday to achieve results,example one push up,chin up,sit up today, two tomorrow or jog from one telegraph pole to another today, 2 poles tomorrow and so on, buckets of water, 3 litre milk container anything heavy for weigh training, skip on the spot for 20mins to music .It costs nothing & is very easy to start and if you add up that 1% change aday ,over the year it is more than 365% change, Your body will love you because you are now super fit,

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    If you mean get into shape like so you can run longer than usual, then all you have to do is go on like a 5 minute run, but running as hard as you could with out stopping. Then, running for 10 minutes, 20 minutes...and so on.

    If you mean getting into shape like losing weight, then all you really need to do is go on some kind of diet. But honestly, that running thing always helps. Over the summer I ran my very hilly .7 mile driveway. I only lost like 4 pounds but that was because I had to walk up the very steep hills and I did it for about 3 days.

    Happy Holidays!


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    Well my advice is start small. Take baby steps. Go to your local gym and ask to speak to a personal trainer, from there they can give you pointers on what to eat, how to train properly.

    I also suggest start by talking walks every night, and once you build up some endurance try running. Also try going through your cubburds and fridge, elimate the "junk" stock up on apples oranges, veggies, get a book if you don't know where to start there are tons of those out there! Best of luck to you!

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    Looks like you already know the answer to your own question Exercise and eat healthy - you said so yourself.

    However, knowing what you should do and doing it are two totally different things. Now that you know that you know, just do it.

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