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what is Sainsbury plc SWOT analysis?

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    SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Sainsburys will be looking at these areas in relation to things like competitors, or marketing strategies. So for example, if they were doing a SWOT analysis on Asda, Sainsbury may say their own premium foods is a strength, a weakness is the buying power of Asda, an opportunity may be to take over asda as the no 2 supermarket in UK, and a threat is that asda may take more customers away from sainsbury.

  • Diane
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    Strengths are that they sell better quality products than most other food stores. Weakness being they are also seen as more expensive than others and don't have the spread(as many) of stores around the country as say Asda/Wallmart and Tesco and perhaps Morrisons. The opposition and threats will be competing lower priced stores and shops. Another threat would be a strong and militant Union of workers perhaps who demand higher wages. Good luck.

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