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Wordpress sidebar menu?


How do I add extra menus to my sidebar? As you can see ( currently the only menu options i have are: About, Archives, & Catergories.

How do I add extra ones to look like this site:

With the calender and extra bits?

Cheers in advance!



Haha, thanks Joey! and thanks for your comment!

For some reason, I don't have that option of Sidebar widgets... perhaps because I installed wordpress onto my website instead of just opening up a blog on wordpress.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi Aisha,

    thats actually my blog you've used as an example. (Thanks for That)

    To get the "extra" things I have, log into WordPress

    Click on the "Presentation" tab

    You may want to change the look of your Blog by choosing a new theme here.

    To change you Sidebar, look under the main set of tabs, you will see another set of (three) tabs

    Click on "Sidebar Widgets"

    Use the list at the bottom "Available Widgets" and drag them onto "sidebar 1"

    I have Calendar, Search, Recent posts, Recent Comments, Links, Archives, Blog Stats, Akismet and 3 text widgets on my Blog.

    Hope this helps!

    Joey @

    Edit Added:

    Do you have a help menu where you can type "Side Bar Widgets" - perhaps it will show you where to go. . . .

    The theme you choose does make a difference in the amount and location of the widgets.

    Look up sites like Technoroti, they have links to many 'widgets' you simply enter into the HTML coding of your site . . .

    Also try google searches for "WordPress Widgets"

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  • Elaine
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    4 years ago

    Hi Julio, You can do that by going to your dashboard, and then look for "Appearance" and "Theme Options", on the bottom, look for "Default Layout" set it to "One Column, no sidebar". It should work.

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