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Has Magic Johnson found the cure to AIDS? Seems like he has had it for a long time, but he still seems healthy

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    He has HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) which is the dormant form or not yet full blown AIDS. AIDS is a deficiency of cellular immunity induced by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) and characterized by opportunistic diseases. He is probably doing a lot to keep his body health and boost his immune system. Magic Johnson has a chiropractor that adjusts him regularly and advises him on nutritional support for a healthy body. There are studies that show long term chiropractic care may boost a persons immune system and slow the aging process. Now I am not saying that chiropractic care can cure HIV or completely prevent AIDS from destroying the bodies immune system, I am just saying that if you keep the body healthy and spine healthy, physically, nutritionally, and mentally it is amazing what the body can overcome and do.

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    Magic Johnson tested HIV positive sometime in October of 1991. Being HIV positive and having AIDS are not the same thing. I don't know what his medical records indicate, but I would bet that Magic Johnson never developed AIDS. This is because he has been able to keep his HIV infection under control through anti-retorviral medication and healthy living.

    It is unclear why some people do better than others, and there are factors related to the immune system that are still not understood. I think that being a multi-millionaire, in really good physical shape, and having David Ho (one of the main architects of triple combination therapy) as your personal physician can't hurt. In other words, he is not your typical person with HIV. He also seems like a very upbeat person and this must help him stay energetic and strong.

    Johnson has always been on very aggressive antiretroviral therapy, starting in 1991 with AZT, and claims to take his medications very consistently. In an interview with 60 Minutes, he said that his viral load went way up when he tried to stop taking his meds once. This helped him realize that he is not "cured." He is probably even more motivated to take his medicine after that experience. Hopefully he will continue to live a long and healthy life and will never develop AIDS.

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    He and his wife Cookie were on Oprah recently. He is still "healty" because he eats right and takes his medication. He does not have AIDS, he has HIV.

    There is no known cure for AIDS at this time.

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    Magic has HIV first of all...not AIDS...AIDS is the later stage of HIV..Secondly he is one of the few HIV victims that can afford the outragously priced meds. So, he is better off than most.

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    He still has AIDS, which means that his immune system is sketchy. He just must be really careful about what sick people he is around. He's surely not cured or the media would be all over it.

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