I'm due in about a week and I need a twin girl baby names. I like the names Alantae and Ayantae. Mashayla and Jashayla. Briana and Riana pronounced(Bry-ana and Ry-ana). My boyfriend hates them all.


I would like the names to ryhme.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Thelma and Louise

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  • 3 years ago

    Austin Gage Caleb lucas Camden Anthony Cameron Oliver Dominic James Edward Mason Hayden Craig Ian Tyler Jace Nathaniel Jackson Elijah Jacob Bradley Jeremy Elliott Jonathon Matthew Christopher Allen Liam Connor Marcus Zachary Nicholas John Preston Dean Spencer Patrick Alexis Charlotte Allison Olivia Aubrey Raelyn Brooklyn Michelle Carson Raine Caylee Louise Chloe Ann Daniella Claire Elizabeth Mamie Evangeline Aurora Hailey Madison Josephine Fiona Juliet Grace Kristen Paige Leah wish Lillian Jane Madeline Brooke McKinley Rose Michaela Marie Mollie Ranae Phoebe Noel Rosalie Violet Riley Rae Selena Caroline Sierra Nichelle Sophia Nicole Stella Lynn wish those helped and sturdy success!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am sorry i have agree with ur boyfriend. Those names are awful especially Mashayla nad Jashayla. Briana and Riana are not too bad, but i just hate those kind of ryhming twin names. I think it is just tacky. I am sooo sorry to say this and i am not trying to be nasty. If i had twins i would want them to have totally different names. Also twin names can sound alike but they do not have to rhyme for example. My friend has twin boys called Omar and Mario. They sound alike because they have the same letters but it doesnt sound tacky.

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  • There were identical twin girls in my highschool, Chastity and Charity and they took no end of ribbing for their names. I think it's always best to give them their own identities by giving them non-rhyming, non-matching names. Consider that Jashayla and Mashayla are only one letter different from each other - that's not very inventive. If you like Mashayla, then pair it up with one of the other names you like, like Riana. Personally these are not my favourite names, they sound made up and don't sound like the name of someone who could be president of a company, or professor at a university. I think if you give your child a name that sounds professional, they grow into their name. Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Jessica and Justine

    Elena and Elizabeth

    Emily and Elina

    Elizabeth and Eve

    Morgan and Montana

    Ava and Sophia

    Taylor and Madison

    Emma and Hannag

    Jenna and Jessica

    Michelle and Madison

    Kate and Kelly

    Katie and Kari

    Catherine and Corrine

    Corrina and Courtney

    Briana and Bridgette

    Lacy and Leah

    Lacey and LeAnne

    Bethany and Brittany

    Rachel and Rebecca

    Renee and Rose

    Zoey and Sophie

    Leah and Eva

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  • how about:

    Chloe and Zoe

    Leslie and Sylvee

    here are some others, you can mix and match

    Alana Noelle

    Alyssa Faith

    Amanda Joy

    Audrey Hope

    Bridget Eve

    Brittany Marie

    Chloe Dawn

    Danielle Grace

    Elizabeth Summer

    Emma Claire

    Heather Martina

    Jayden Maria

    Jaymee Lyn

    Kady Spencyr

    Krystal Paige

    Leslie Anne

    Madelyn Jayne

    Miranda Genevieve

    Rachel Alexandria

    Victoria Rose

    Sylvee Brooke

    Zoe Beth

    hope i could help

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like the Briana && Riana names.

    There so cute and so different.

    I'm sure if you gave your babies those names they would love them.

    Also if your boyfriend doesn't like them, what are his idea's?

    If he has none I think you should just go for what you think is best.

    That or do what my parents did.

    You name one girl and he can name the other.

    If he hates the names then he can decide so you both will feel comfortable.

    Good Luck && Congratulation with the twins :]

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  • 1 decade ago

    Google 'baby names' and go to a site, both you and your bf go through and write down names you like and compare the lists and see if you can come up with an agreement.

    I do think that rhyming names is kind of cheesy. The names will be too similar, give them each something unique and different from each other.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I lke the Briana and Riana

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  • 1 decade ago

    my wife and I had boy/girl twins. We didn't want the names to match. Instead we gave them similar middle names.

    Ryan Joel

    Keagan Joley

    What about listening to some of the names he likes or talking about names that start with the same letter instead of rhyming names and go from there. If all else fails you can look baby names up on the internet. Here are a couple of the rhyming names I can think of.

    Marrisa and Carrisa

    Sara and Tara

    Cloe and Zoe

    Randi and Sandy

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