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Is buying/smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes legal in New Jersey.?

Medicinal means you are using it to relieve pain and your doctor has provided you with a letter so stating.

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    it's not legal anywhere

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    specific, it will be legalized for medicinal purposes, and that i'm very happy your chum replaced into able to make the main of it. I relatively have a well being concern that falls under the regulations and that i used to stay in a state the place my clinical professional could prescribe it for me. i replaced right into slightly careful, hadn't smoked pot on account that college, yet i replaced into desperate. It made my existence as quickly as returned look habitable. i replaced into able to notably shrink the quantity of soreness pills the docs had me addicted to for years. That replaced right into a blessing worth basically approximately something to me. Now I stay in a state the place i'm no longer able to acquire it and it quite is been a conflict ever on account that. It has marvelous properties for specific ailments and illnesses and it quite is a tragedy that this united states of america can no longer recover from it quite is marketing campaign against all drugs long sufficient to renowned that marijuana could be wisely administered by docs and grant many reward. i understand the form you sense approximately your chum. My aunt has maximum cancers and area of the gutshot approximately chemo is that it takes away your urge for nutrition basically once you choose your power the main. In turn, on account which you may no longer consume, your physique's immune equipment loses much extra power. it quite is previous unhappy to exhibit screen. Out of desperation I relatively have presented to locate my aunt marijuana, yet she would be ready to no longer settle for it except it quite is criminal. I know her for that, and that i understand I don't have presented, yet i admire her too plenty to exhibit screen her waste away speedier than she desires to. Sorry to bypass on see you later, this situation is a sore spot with me. one extra exciting edge word. as quickly as I have been given off the conventional ordinary of my severe profile soreness meds I went by some undesirable withdrawal. as quickly as I moved and had to supply up the medicinal marijuana I had no withdrawal outcomes in any respect. does not that say some thing in itself? I nevertheless get the soreness meds, yet I purely take them whilst i'm no longer able to stand it anymore, and that's no longer very often. I refuse to develop into addicted to them returned.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    smoking weed does help relief the pain

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