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Why do you fear me?

I am a hedonist, a nudist, a wife swapper (I bet your wife fears upsetting you by making a matrimonial mistake more than my wife fears telling me that she had a 3-some today) Is it intellect? social upringing? what really creates our morals? Please, no Theological introverts, I am on on a walk towards realization, logic and revelations. Don't answer or look at my 360 if you are a ****. Introverted, or myopic when it comes to us all.


Well, many fear hedonism. there are 13.5 million registered swingers on the internet, and that Is only USA. Uk is the next largest, and would it surprise you that Asia India's are one of the biggest swinging nations. The more morality, like Victorianism, the more swingers. I fear swinging, but i own a swingers resort??????

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    I think itis what you want to be and what you believe in! I believe if you are happy this way then, so be it! I do not believe people ought to tell people they live a wrong way b/c what they are saying is if you don't live my way it is wrong> Idiots ...LOL! The world is full of them!

    morals.....Hypocrisy is the act of pretending to have morals or virtues that one does not truly possess or practice.

    Morality refers to the concept of human ethics which pertains to matters of good and evil —also referred to as "right or wrong", used within three contexts: individual conscience, systems of principles and judgments — sometimes called moral values

    Virtue (Latin virtus; Greek ??et?) is moral excellence of a person. A virtue is a character trait valued as being good and are faith, hope and charity or love/agape,

    Love -- The source of the values truth, goodness, and beauty is love, so love is the core of ethics.

    Hope I helped! As for fear... I believe it what people don't understand that they fear!

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    I do not fear you man, and I can't even judge your wife swapping activities either, because I am totally against marriage. I think people should just get together and have sex all the time, like Woodstock but without those hippie custom and drugs you know. I mean, marriage is totally inhumane because the context implies monogamy. But I just don't humans are meant to stay monogamous. Now I know you are married and your wife have sex with other guys, but I just don't know if the legal issue is going to bite you some day. The possibility is always there you know. Women can be unpredictable in behaviors.

    For me, I just go out, have sex (pay a prostitute if I have to), and stay unmarried. I feel this is the best way for me to live my life.

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    Interesting. Not for me but very interesting. I'm friends with a man and his 2 wife's that swap, but I don't do that. What creates morals for some is doing are higher good. To me it means I would never hurt someone if I can help it. What we call morals on sex was done so that children would be taken care of. Do we still need them? I'm not the one to answer that.

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    Why do you care? you seem to be quite happy and lead a good life. Why angle for acceptance from a moral world you have little interest in? Why so defensive of your life style, that you attack when you ask for revelations?

    I have a friend who like you lives a life i don t agree with but he is more than welcome to follow his desires as long as no one gets hurt, and i include him in that. He will make a statement to shock and cause a response and it s grown tired now. If he wants to live his life he can and i will be happy for him but i don t like the constant seeking of attentions for something he says is private. I think it s his way of seeking acceptance, he s a very lonely person.

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    I don't fear you at all. Nothing is new under the sun. You could have a thousand wives and still be empty. I wouldn't have a man who would be willing to share me with another. I wouldn't respect him at all, and I couldn't stay with him.

    Realization toward what...that you can act like an animal? How is that better? Logic? If you knew what I know about the Spiritual Realm, you would see the logic in not connecting yourself to anyone else. You are in bondage to your passions and each time you are physical with another person, your spirit is compromised in a way that other beings control it, and connect to another. In essence, you are infested with demons, and you will become more hollow as you allow these creatures to feed on your spirit. They are also connected to others, so you and many of you are trapped together in this horrendous disgusting bondage. You would need a God to help you out of this mess, because when you suddenly try to get holy and get away from these things, they suddenly turn on you, since you yourself are no longer an vehicle of distruction on others, now you will be destroyed. Demons use you until you are not willing to be, or cannot be used anymore, then they turn on you and destroy you. Many people in mental wards or prisons, are those whom the demons have compromised and thus gained control over, then made insane.

    You are obviously extremely decieved which will open yourself up to even more deception. The only prayer you have is this one. "God have mercy on me. Help me to want to be holy." You are very proud of your distruction, and I am certain that you open your mouth and speak about your lifestyle to whomever you will. You think you are fine. I am going to beg God to have mercy on your soul, so you will realize that you are not really free but are actually controlled by demons. Think you are free? Just try to walk away from the lifestyle you boast of for a mere season and see how destroyed you become in a short while.

    Anyone who doesn't subscribe to your lifestyle, or speaks against it, you describe in adjectives that are demeaning. Somehow, you think you know more. In my own walk with God, through Jesus Christ, I have only now began to know what is possible with God. He is Life itself.

    Lust and passions are so selfish, desireing to own or take that which is only for oneself. There is a eros that focuses itself on God. That transcends the physical. And the love that comes from that, is beyond comprehension, and it dies to itself because it realizes that the good is worth it. The holy and pure is worth it.

    Right now, you are a pit that goes to hell itself. Anyone who is with you, is probably just as foolish as you. Though you probably won't believe it, you are being used by demons to destroy others. More and more as you enter in to another, you are in bondage, and soon you won't have any soul left. Only God can restore the soul. Psalms 23.

  • My good man. When it comes to fearsome sights, a naked wife swapper cannot hold a candle to a slave-owning founding father!

    A duel Sir! Pistols at dawn! The bank of the Potomac. Mr. Hamilton can direct you.

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    Now what possesses you to think that anyone would fear you?

    If you are in the world, then you set your own morals, I guess..I am a Christian, so I let God lead the way.

    Call it realization, logic and revelation if you want..I call it sin, ignorance and deception.

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    our morals are the product of our spirit (the motivating factor within) + social conditioning (how the mind relates to its environment). if our spirit is evil, no matter how good the social conditioning, we'll have a proclivity towards the evil.

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    As long as there is only one of you ..No Fear..however if there are many of you ..we should all be would you like to take a vacation to Bush's vacation spa..Iraq?

  • No human being scares me. Sorry to burst your bubble. Whatever it is you want to do, that's between you and whatever deity you worship, if you worship one.

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