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is Duncan's toy chest real?

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    Hmmm I dunno. Could be. Big store... Maybe :D If it is, I wanna go there :D

    Edit: Duncan's Toy Chest is a fictional store featured in the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. The store was created on the ground floor of the Rookery Building in Chicago, Illinois.

    The store is owned by E.F. Duncan, played by Eddie Bracken. Every Christmas Eve, Mr. Duncan gives all the store's proceeds to a children's hospital. The store is targeted one Christmas Eve by the former "Wet Bandits" from the first Home Alone movie, but Kevin McAllister saves the day, the bandits are arrested, and the hospital gets its money.

    Too bad it isn't real.... lol...

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    Duncans Toy Chest

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    Is Duncan's toy chest for real is there a store in New York

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    is Duncan's toy chest real?

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    FAO Schwartz was the stand in for Duncans Toy Chest.

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    I'm sure their is one in New York. I live in upstate NY but used to lived in Daytona FL . I can tell you for sure that they have one in Daytona. I have been to it. President Clinton visited there once with Chelsea when she was little. They have a picture of them on the window coming into the store. I visited it several times nothing like it.

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    its true I have been in the store and met mr duncan

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