is it to late to study acting?

I just took a theatre course at my university. I'm majoring in something else. I just put on a show and I did really well!. I'm 28, and I can sing and I used to be a dancer but I never thought I could act. I really really like it. Do you think its too late to train in acting wether from university or from a proper performance school?. I don't think it is, not like it was with dancing. I'm interested in enrolling in a theatre program whilst I'm working in the UK this summer. They consentrate on classical training which would be the kind I would seek if i did take another acting course.

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    I trained as an actor and now work as a director and writer. I agree that its never too late to start, as long as you have commitment. When I did my training the youngest on our course was 18, the oldest 39 at the start. If you've got drive, talent and discipline, then it doesn't matter how old you are. Actors play people, and people are not all young! The more life experience you can bring to your work, the better I say. Also, I trained young and started working early and I spent a long time doing small gigs here and there, only achieving recognition after a few years in the business - this is a common tale of the jobbing actor, so the age you start isn't necessarily the most important thing!

    One word of warning might be this - The euphoria of doing a show is fantastic, and discovering you have this passion for performance is great, but it needs to be just that - a passion. The feeling that you get from live performance, from praise afterwards and the audience reaction etc, its one of the best feelings in the world, its why lots of us get in to it in the first place. But acting for a career is hard work, hardly ever glamourous and that feeling you found on your theatre course might not always be there. I don't mean to put a downer on it , you just need to really think about the nuts and bolts of what being a professional actor is all about, what running yourself as a business, or as self-employed, is all about.

    If you want to act, and you're not sure about how far to take it, then enrolling in a summer course in the UK is a really good idea. I think the classical training you're interested in is a good move too- you should try to get as broad a physical and vocal training as you can: there are thousands of actors out there, and the ones with real skills in voice, movement etc are the most employable ones.

    Really good luck with whatever you decide to do!

    Source(s): Me! Trained at Webber Douglas in London. Work in the UK, Europe and South Africa as a Director, Playwright, Actor
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    It soo totally isn't. From actress to actress, age is nothing. Not like with dancing. But just stick with it. You won't get every role you try for. Pursuing acting means getting used to that, so just remember not to give up after not being cast.

    You probably want to take basic acting courses, and then try different other classes (such as improv, singing, musicals, camera acting, etc.) to decide where you want to head in the theater.

    Where do you go? If you decide to start acting, you may want to transfer schools. UCLA, USC, and Yale are well-known theater schools, but look for something closer to where you live, or even talk with the dean at your university to see if you can transfer. It's worth it if you want to study acting.

    Good luck! I suspect in a few years I'll be waiting in line to get your autograph and you won't remember this and you'll think I'm some crazy stalker fan who thinks she helped you. Just remember to keep working and you'll be so fabulous!

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    28 is VERY old, there really aren't many parts for people over 25 these days are there?



    Turn on your telly and just see how many "grey" parts there are! Suddenly it seems to be all the rage to bring back the oldies, because at the end of the day, they have talent and experience, and that is what counts.

    If you have a talent for acting, then go ahead and ACT! You have nothing to lose!

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    well, remember "it's better late than never"

    actually you can be the best actress if you want because in acting as i know the best teacher is your experience. you're 28, and obviously you had so much experience in your life which you can relate to your acting lessons. you can relate your experiences on the tasks that your acting coach will give you.

    so just go on. find your way there and be the best you can be on the career you wanted to.

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    its never too late and 28 is young. Morgan freeman was in his late 50s and look how successful he has been - he has recently narrated the march of the penguins. And all the big stars made it later on look at russell crow. Go on and take a chance and follow your heart

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    No, I don't think it's too late for you to start acting:) You have to follow your dreams and if this is what you want to do, go for it! Good luck to you!

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    It is never too late for anything...

    Unless... you would happen to be dead.

    But since you're not, follow your dreams. You'll regret it if you don't. You say you enjoy it a lot. So i say; go for it!

    I hope you get to follow your heart in this...

    Good luck.

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    it's never too late!!! that old lady that played rose in titanic was like 80 something and she hadn't really acted before that role!!! and she was nominated for an Oscar!!! keep your dreams alive! if you want to be an actress... go for it! if you don't try now... you'll regret it for the rest of your life!

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    go for it.

    Buster Merryfield (UK actor) was somethig like a Bank Manager until he was 50 and went into acting.

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    You should start right away. Time's a wastin' if you wait any more than you have already.

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