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pepper9211 asked in SportsHockey · 1 decade ago

hockey question?

who knows the name of a player that played with Chicago blackhawks,then the Florida Panthers, and now is an agent for the Florida Panthers?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    heres a list of NHL agents:

    Agent List

    Abbott, Neil

    Antonishyn, Chad

    Archambault, Yves

    Arnott, Wade

    Baizley, Donald

    Baltimore, Bryon

    Barry, J.P.

    Bartlett, Brian

    Bartlett, Stephen

    Bazos, George

    Bousquet, Jarrett

    Breeze, Art

    Breeze, Brent

    Brisson, Pat

    Buckley, Jerome

    Burke Jr., Richard (Taylor)

    Cammerzell, III, Frederick

    Campbell, Thane

    Carr, James

    Christie, Todd

    Colton, Jerrold D.

    Cooney, Peter

    Corbeil, Paul

    Cranston, Tim

    Crha, Jiri

    Curran, Michael

    Curran, Richard

    Deasley, Bryan

    Deutsch, Michael

    Devine, Brad

    Diamond, Todd

    Dowling, William

    Duberman, Justin

    Dufort, Yves

    Dupont, Normand

    Epp, Kevin

    Evans, Richard

    Fee, John (Jay)

    Feldman, Brian

    Ferris, Darren

    Fish, Peter

    Freyer, Stephen

    Gandler, Mark

    Gerow, Robert

    Gillis, Michael

    Gomez, Carlos

    Gorman, III, Hugh

    Gourwitz, Howard

    Greenspun, Scott

    Greenstin, Gary

    Gross, Lewis

    Grossman, Jay

    Gurney, Ross

    Guy, Mark

    Hamal, Jiri

    Hamilburg, Joseph

    Hankinson, Ben

    Harris, Barney

    Hauser, John

    Hedges, Rolland

    Helperl, Jeff

    Hodgson, Timothy

    Hughes, Kent

    Jacobson, Jerry

    Johannson, Gerry

    Kasper, Stephen

    Kaye, David

    Keator, Matt

    Kelly, Larry

    King, Eustace

    Komarow, Rick

    Kotlowitz, Steven

    Kowall, Jeff

    Krepelka, Paul

    Laidlaw, Thomas

    Lapush, Mark

    Lareau, Jean-Pierre

    Lawson, Daniel

    Lawton, Brian

    Lehto, Markus

    Levin, Serge

    Levine, Marc

    Lindros, Carl

    Lites, Scott

    Liut, Michael

    Lupien, Gilles

    MacDonald, Brian

    Markle, William

    McAlpine, Stacey

    McArthur, Michael

    McIlwain, Timothy

    Meehan, Donald

    Michalek, Miroslav

    Morris, Patrick

    Mountain, Steve

    Murray, Robert

    Neumann, Jordan

    Nice, James

    Niiranen, Simo

    Norton, Scott

    O'Connell, Bob

    O'Neill, Paul

    Oates, Matthew

    Orr, Robert

    Ostby, Paul

    Oster, Craig

    Overhardt, Kurt

    Palango, Dan

    Perno, Robert

    Perrick, Ronald

    Pietrangelo, Frank

    Pinder, Jr., Herb

    Plante, Daniel

    Polonich, Dennis

    Polonich, Mike

    Pulliainen, Juhapekka

    Pulver, Ian

    Ratushny, Ed

    Rauch, Lawrence

    Reich, Thomas

    Resnick, Joseph

    Reynolds, Donald

    Reynolds, Todd

    Richard, Derek

    Robins, Benjamin

    Roy, Allain

    Salcer, Ron

    Sauve, Daniel

    Sauve, Robert

    Schaffer, Peter

    Schall, Alexander

    Schatia, Q.C., David

    Semonick, Peter

    Sheehy, Neil

    Sheehy, Timothy

    Shushkovsky, Vlad

    Silber, Howard

    Simon, Rand

    Sosa, Carlos

    Spalenka, Robert

    Stearns, Anthony

    Stowe, Mark

    Svoboda, Petr (ag)

    Svoboda, Petr (agpl)

    Theofanous, Paul

    Thompson, Roland

    Thun, Anton

    Turnbull, Chris

    Walsh, Allan

    Winter, Ritchie

    Witkin, Mark

    Wright, Tobin

    Wulkan, Michael

    Zito, Jr., William

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  • 1 decade ago

    The only person listed on the Florida Panthers web site that has ties to both the Blackhawks and Panthers is Duane Sutter. He is currently the Panthers Director of Player Development.

    He played with the 'Hawks from 87-90. He was the Panthers head coach from 2000-02 and an assistant coach from 1996-98 & 2002-03.

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  • 1 decade ago

    One of these:

    Donald Audette (III)

    Christian Berglund (II)

    Paul Elliott (UFA)

    Kristian Kudroc (UFA)

    Simon Lajeunesse (UFA)

    Paul Laus (III)

    Eric Messier (UFA)

    David Morisset (UFA)

    Vaclav Nedorost (II)

    Sean O'Connor (UFA)

    Steve Shields (III)

    Denis Shvidki (II)

    Pavel Trnka (UFA)

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  • 1 decade ago

    then try going to staff or something like that or search him on yahoo or google.

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  • 1 decade ago

    just go to the website.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no idea, whatsoever!

    but thanks for the points :)

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