This is for art research, could you answer these questions?

This is for art research, could you answer these questions, or remarks, stories and point of view relating from these questions.

Those of you who answered my last set of question thank you. You have helped me progress in my work.

But from these questions and answers provided by you, other people i've interviewed and research in books, i've come across quote’s and comments that has led me do question more and I would like other people’s answer’s and reactions to make sure my answers are not one sided.

Thank to all who answer but please no joke answers unless relevant.

1.“it is always the woman fault” your opinion to this quote ?

2.“ Men think as if they have two brains, the upper and the lower, he always blames the lower for his actions,” your opinion or reaction to this quote?

3.Do we control society or does society control us?

4.“We need more people in science, we have to encourage more children to take up this field” but is this a form of manipulation of children's growth of idea’s and choices?

5.“Money makes the world go round,” your comments or reactions?

6.“love is a form of manipulation”, is this quote true? Why?

7.“There is no such thing as romantic love, it is an allusion we play on ourselves a trick of the body,” your reactions?

8.“(blank) is a nasty race, they are always putting themselves down and blaming the establishment because they have no self confidence,” does this in your opinion describes the average person in society?

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    You've asked some really serious and interesting questions that need coherent thought and result in some heated debate.I'll try my best to answer your questions briefly,although the questions can be the starting points of several thought provoking essays.There are no cut and dried answers, I am afraid to your questions.I notice that 7 out of the 8 questions that you've asked relate to quotes.While quotes are very interesting things, one must not forget the context in which a certain quote was made or even perhaps the historical time and societal atmosphere prevalent when that quote came to be a catchphrase.

    Let me now try to answer your questions.

    1)It is always the woman's fault.Anyone who believes in this statement completely is an utter fool.Human relations involve actions and reactions and things are not always black and white.There are shades of grey in between.This statement is generally the slogan of men who do not want to own up to any responsibilty whatsoever in man- woman relationships.

    2)I agree that for men it is easier to compartmentalize things in their heads.They find it easier than women to rationalize their mistakes and indiscretions.While almost all cultures accept that a man can and will make mistakes, a woman is not necessarily given that same allowance.Women, I think aren't allowed that luxury in many cultures because women are intrinsically more organic in their approach to life and circumstances.They are more feeling, more intuitive creatures and act as the lynch pin for the family structure.

    3)I think, it is essentially society that controls the average person.The average person in any society lives his or her life according to prevalent social customs and norms.It is only the rebel and the iconoclast that can break out of the Establishment and dares to think and act different.

    4)Every society tries to manipulate its children's growth of ideas and opinions through formal schooling/education.It has been happening down history and sadly will continue to happen. Today, children are being told to take up science, two hundred or more years ago, they were encouraged to take up Latin and Greek.

    5)This statement totally disregards the scientific theories of planetary rotation!Jokes apart, the world and human beings existed before the introduction of money.Its the age old question about price and value.Some things are and always will be priceless. Money does not always constitute real value.Money oils the economies of this world and makes them go round, not the world, and neither its inhabitants.

    6)What kind of love are you talking about?True love or false love.False love, be it from anyone is always manipulative and has strings attached.True love is never restrictive or manipulative.....its always heartfelt and genuine.

    7)Being a romantic myself, I totally disagree with that statement.Romantic love can be an illusion.It can break your heart and destroy your soul...but its something thats part of growing up, it makes us feel our heart beat, puts a song and smile on our lips on the greyest of days.Its a one of a kind ride, and I think one loses out if one never has that ride ever in one's life.As they say better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

    8)The average person in society can have have a victim complex.He or she does feel helpless because he/she cannot take on the Establishment by themselves, because as they themselves will tell you, they are ordinary, average mortals.Under good leaders though, it is the collective, average populace that brings in radical and revolutionary change.

  • Orla C
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    1. It most certainly is not. Usually it involves negligence of some kind, not necessarily on the woman's part.

    2. Men have two overly active organs, one upper and one lower, and the brain is neither of these.

    3. Tricky one. Personally I think society doesn't control me now, but as it has in the past to such an extent that it has shaped me into the person I am now, I think that it's a fifty-fifty answer.

    4. No, I don't think this is the case. By nature we are scientists, in that we like the cause and effect thing, and finding out how it works. Science is woven through our day to day lives just as much as art is.

    5. Sad but true ... and the world would be much better if that same money was used better.

    6. Well, if your earliest experiences of love were tug of war and rowing with siblings, then yes, this can affect how you deal with love when you're an adult. I spent the first ten years of 'love' thinking I was such a loser because I was falling for the absolute wrong type of guys for me, and it never worked out. I didn't realise that the tug of war thing with my own family turned me into a closet commitmentphobe. Happily this has changed.

    7. Nonsense. I knew when I met my other half that there would be some sort of love between us, the spark was instantaneous.

    8. This is interesting. I don't think it describes the average person, just a small amount of people who don't quite know how to Play the Game, or how to laugh at themselves.

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    These are just my opinions:

    1. No. Obviously this was a joke between two women.

    2. I don't think that men think this way.

    I do however think that men are motivated by sex.

    Not just all men, some men more than others and some women are this way too.

    3. Both.

    It would be great if we controlled society and sometimes to some extent we can impact it but generally society controls us.

    We have to think outside the box.

    Give unto others with no rhyme or reason and this will impact society.

    4. I agree that it's a form of manipulation.

    5. true but I wish it were not that way.

    I wish that love made the world go around!!

    6. Yes.

    Love manipulates our own thoughts and sometimes it clouds our vision.

    7. No.

    8. To some degree.

    Some of it is right like about people putting themself down because of no self-confidence. Not the average person or not every average person.

    Too much of a generalization but still true with some.

    Most of these questions can be true in part and false in part and can apply sometimes to some situations but they are too general to be yes or no.

    Sometimes there really truly isn't yes or no, black or white.

    So there is the general answer to all the questions.

    Somewhere in the middle in the presence of some color not none not all.

    Generally vague in a sort-of specific way.


  • Lady G
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    Quote 1 - this was obviously spoken by a man. Men and women have preconceived notions about each other, some from erroneous perception, some intentionally fostered.

    Quote 2 - I believe this to be something men don't actually BELIEVE, but use as an excuse for behaviour they know might upset others.

    #3 - Control is an illusion.

    Quote 4 - it could be a manipulation - is the motive learning or profit? I bet you've never read, "More children should be encouraged to become artists and writers."

    Quote 5 - we live in a profit motivated society. Even our governments won't create programs that can't eventually contribute to the GNP.

    Quote 6 - People who love are vulnerable to manipulation by those whom they love, but love itself is not a form of manipulation. People who trust are vulnerable to manipulation by those whom they trust, but again, trust is not a form of manipulation.

    Quote 7 - as a romantic, I hate to think that might be so...but logically speaking it probably is.

    Quote 8 - there is an element to the population whom I like to describe as the Professional Victim. These people are held down by The Man, everything that ever happens or does not happen to them is somebody else's fault. This type of mentality is not limited to any race or creed or nation, it knows no boundaries.

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  • Clive
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    1. Invented by women but attributed to men. Used by women to avoid responsibilty for their actions - ie saying that they automatically get the blame rather than analysing a situation.

    2. In matters of sex and confrontation, primaeval instincts take over and actions are sometimes taken that do not stand up to retrospective analysis. There is therefore, an element of truth in the statement.

    3. In general, society controls people. In the West, we live with the illusion of freedom while we are forced to comply with ever increasing amounts of legislation and the band of acceptable beliefs and philosophy is continually narrowing.

    4. Modern science has always been subjected to rigorous peer evaluation prior to acceptance. An early introduction to science puts children in a good position to evaluate all manner of theories in later life. It is a mistake to give children to many ideas and choices. Give them the knowledge to make their own informed choices later in life.

    5. Greed is undoubtedly the great motivator. So maybe money does make the world go round.

    6. A person's love is often used by the recipient to force actions from that person that would otherwise not be carried out. The quote is true in many cases.

    7. The answer is not absolute but very subjective. My guess is that the older the sample of people, the greater the agreement.

    8. Certainly not the average person in society. If the phrase ' always putting themselves down' was deleted, the remainder is applicable to some groups.

    Can I go home now, Teacher?

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    1) Being a man, I know how imperfect I am, so how could this statement be true?

    2) I've never come across that opinion before. It's clearly wrong. We're imperfect, and to blame mistakes on a specific part of our brain doesn't really get to the heart of the matter.

    3) Society is too big for any one individual or group (No matter how powerful) so it's society that more likely to control us. Of course, we have free will and can do what we want when we want, but I can't immagine anyone who doesn't put limits on some aspects of their behaviour. These limits are brought by laws (to do with morals, traffic, fraud, etc) developed by society.

    4) You can lead a horse, etc, etc. There's nothing wrong with encouraging children to take up a particular occupation. If they don't have the aptitude for it or feel disinclined, then they will look for other things anyway. I got very little encouragement about career choice as a child. As a result, I was an adult before I began to realise what I wanted to do. By that time, I missed a few years of experience in my career plan, and even struggle to get work of any kind.

    5) Money is a highly motivating factor in the world's social processes. I think too much is considered of it. "Money can't buy me love" is also true. I've always found it bewildering why the price of things go up all the time. Things I bought as a child (sweets, comics, etc) seems to cost three or four times as much now, but there doesn't seem to be as much in in them. I don't buy comics, but I looked at one recently and there seemed to be fewer stories with less intricate plots. Sweets and chocolate bars have not improved to the degree that their prices would suggest. Anyway, I'm ranting a bit, forgive me...

    6) Love CAN make us do things that we would not necessarily consider good, healthy or right. In it's purest form, Love is good and non-manipulative, but it can be twisted to suit the demands of the lover.

    7) Romantic love is genuine, but after a while, reality sets in. That's when we have to start working on our relationships and not give up so easily.

    8) It's a bit negative. There are, of course, people who have that opinion, but they are labouring under a misapprehansion and making things unnecessarily difficult for themselves.

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    1. Sexist

    2. Sexist

    3. Controls us

    4. No, it's a call to make science more accesable and attractive to kids.

    5. Money will be the reason we stop the world turning

    6. Manipulation of what?

    7. Its a label applied to a feeling, as such it's different for everyone.

    8. No

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    1. is what men say after they've mucked everything up

    2. that's silly

    3. It depends on the person . . . group mentality is usually to let society control us.

    4. totally, but that's what adults do

    5. i love that song!

    6. it can be if you're cynical

    7. psawh!

    8. No that's just a terrible thing to say.

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