What goods and services do we receive with our tax dollars?

I am looking for a list of as many goods and services we receive with our tax dollars.

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    Here is a short list:


    (1) military to defend country from invaders. (3) Social Security retirement and disability programs. (3) Interstate highway system. (4) Extended unemployment benefits for areas of high unemployment. (5) Medicare for disabled and those 65 and over. (6) Court system. (7) National Parks system. (8) Food stamp programs.

    State and Local:

    (1) Public education system. (2) Libraries. (3) Garbage pickup. (4) Water and sewer management. (5) Street maintenance - repairs and cleaning. (6) Public hospitals offering free or low cost medical care for uninsured persons. (7) Police protection. (8) Court system. (9) Local transportation systems. (10) Parks. (11) Welfare system. (12) Unemployment programs. (13) Driver services.

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    Here is the 2005 U.S. Budget... Should be a good start for what you are looking for.


    This is a pie chart of where tax dollars are spent.


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