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are you using anti dandruff shampoos?

if so, what brand of anti dandruff shampoo do you use?

how can you say that your shampoo is effective?

it's badly needed for our investigatory project.

i need your answers until dec10 2006. thanks a lot!

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    yes hot oil treatment and shikakai removes the dandruff ..but thts only used in india... I use ''head and shoulders shampooo'' regularly every week or twice a week and end it with using a good hair conditioner called' fructis ' and it works pretty welll... with only shampoo the hair becomes rough..

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    Yes.For excessive dandruff I use to use Nizoral Medicated shampoo twice a week for two weeks then once a week therafter I use Nizoral shampoo with my other shampoo Rejoice anti-dandruff.Now I'm using head and shoulder menthol variant which seems to be more effective for me than their other variants. I notice that after awhile I still get dandruff every now and then.So I guess Nizoral is still the best medicated dandruff shampoo because your dandruff will disappear after 2 weeks but you still have to use it once a week to be effective(but it make my hair stiff and dry I need to condition it)

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    My husband uses Nizoral shampoo. It works quite well. I think it's the best OTC anti-dandruff shampoo available. But the problem is, if it's discontinued for 7 days or more, the dandruff comes back.

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    No, I'm not using any anti-dandruff shampoo. But I know a good one, Selsun Blue have you heard about that one.Very effective and it helps the itchiness to go away.

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    I do use anti-dandruff shampoo.The brand that i use is 'HEAD AND SHOULDERS'.To me it's effective as it completely takes dandruff away without drying your scalp so it moisturizes.

    there were some test done on its effective rate why don't you check the website for more info.

    Source(s): www.headandshoulders.com
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    Nope...never worry about dandruff...I use VO5...and my shampoo is effective cause I shower daily and have eyes to look in the bloody mirror and see....duh!

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    I heard the best brand is TEA TREE. It is a scalp moisturizer and helps with dry scalp. I bought it for a friend and he loves it. I bought it at a salon, but you get what you pay for.

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    1) Not personally; people in my family do

    2) Head&Shoulders

    3) dandruff disappears.

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