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Where is country singer Kenny Rogers..does anyone still listen to his music?

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    He was abducted by some surgeons about a year ago and they removed his eyebrows so he just hides now.

  • Anonymous
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    Kenny Rogers is still around. He just released "In The Last 10 Years"

    I listen to his music when it comes on the radio. He is a wonderful singer. And such a romantic man!!!

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    Kenny Rogers was eaten by a bear a few years ago. The worse part is the bear was in a zoo,and that fat cow Kenny Rogers climbed in the cage,and tried to eat the bears food. There was a struggle for over 5 minutes,but finally Kenny got to winded from having to exercise,so when he laid down to take a nap the bear ate his bloated body.

    Source(s): I just got off the phone with Dolly Parton,and she told me the whole story
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    Kenny Rogers was bnorn in Houston, TYexas. Yeah.. I think some people still listen to his music but I'm sure you can hear his songs everyday at his restaurants hehe.

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  • Cat
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    Have no clue but I saw him late one night on an infomercial & he looked Oriental from having so much plastic surgery.


    He now looks like Pat Morita (Mr. Kesuke Miyagi from the movie Karate Kid 'o(

    He was a nice looking man years ago & if he'd allowed his self to age gracefully he might still be one.

    After all most women like gray hair...look at Taylor Hicks & George Clooney. :o)

    He was on American Idol back in April 2006 & sounded like someone scraping their fingernails on a blackboard.

    He did have a decent Country song out awhile back but certainly nothing like the old songs.

    A friend of mine went to one of his concerts in the late 70's & said he was an @ss.

    Wouldn't even sign autographs for fans.

    Source(s): He does have a website:
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    He was on a talk show recently talking about his plastic surgery, he says he has not had that many done, but now everytime he sets down his mouth flys open! his face is tighter than a hookers skirt! He looks horrible, he said he is having corrective surgery to fix his screwed up look!

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    i love the gambler,it's such a cool,drunk song.

    Last i seen,he was on a talk show looking very orange and very young.

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    He was on American Idol last year, didn't you see him?

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