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boy problems?

im seeing this boy, but i dont know if i love him or not, but i also keep a picture of my x cuz i think i still like him, meanwhile theres this other guy that ive never dated but i also like and he seems to be interested in me but says hes not...

oh, and if it makes a difference with the answer, we are all teenagers

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    oh yes it does make a big difference.

    eh, not really. you aren't ready to commit. just do them all!

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    What's the problem with you.U r confusing yorself.From yor story one thing is clear that no body loves each other but just like.So choose the best u feel u love.I would suggest the ex-boyfriend coz u like him.Also if ex-boy is not interested than wait for the other guy to propose u.If he doesn't than u should take a step forward by yorself.

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    As you said, we are all teenagers. I had just spilt with my partner when I began spending time with another guy and i didnt understand if the feelings i had for both were real or because I just had company so i told myself to follow my heart and not my head. Really what I am trying to say is that in your situation the guy for you is the one who makes your heart skip a beat when you see him, think of him- trust me i have found my partner by this. And I couldnt be Happier.

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