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i can see no future in my life, what should i do??

i feel emptyness, lonely and cold.....

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    ho grey wor

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    depression is a big burden to carry and sounds like you are very depressed. I also suffer from depression and i know that there is no simple answer. Your life does have a future, the future you choose for yourself. You ask what should you do, well I think you should realize that you are not alone and that these terrible feelings will pass. You should also get help from wherever you can, friends, family, help organizations, a doctor, because you can get out of this lonley, cold empty place where you are and you can be happy. Think of the chrysalis that becomes a beautiful butterfly, you too can break out of the deep depression and become a happy person who loves and is loved by those around you. Please try, never stop trying and you will succeed.

    It's worth it, because even though you can't see it now, life is good and time will come when you appreciate that. See my name even means happiness!!!Best wishes , Joy

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    Find out the cause. If you know the cause of your empty and lonely feeling... then address that issue. You've got a response problem. Your response to what event has happened is not the kind of response that is necessary to problem-solve and get on with life. Seems you have misplaced your worth and self-value. Because of some event by someone? Whatever the event, it isn't worth questioning YOUR life's future worth, etc.

    You need antidepressants. go see your doc if depression has been going on over 6 months. If you know it's related to an event. Re-work that event in your head and forgive yourself for it. Don't blame yourself. Just find other positive outlets and support from people. Move on.

    Life isn't so bad when you live it out and YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Who said you can't get what you want?

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    most people feel like that at some point ur obviously not happy about the way things are going in your life u need something to aim for set yourself a goal get a hobby when i feel low i look for other things that will interest me mainly its boredom im single at the moment and get lonely at times but i just think about some of the relationships i have had in the past and still felt lonely in them relationships having somebody there don't always ease the feeling of loneliness. loneliness is just a state of mind.

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    Many a times in everyone's life comes a bad patch when nothing seems to go according to our wishes..In such times,it is better to shift the focus to an entirely different field.This will help you in two ways-one to get out of the rut you have got yourself into and second it will help you think about your problem objectively and find a solution to how best it can be solved.Hope this helps.

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    As well as you can try to have patience with everything that is unsolved in your heart, and ... try to cherish the questions themselves, like closed rooms and like books written in a very strange tongue. Do not search for the answers which could not be given to you now because you would not be able to live them.,and the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without even noticing it,live right into the answer.

    Source(s): Rilke.
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    Go to an hospital and try to help ill people, just take their hands on yours and smile to them, preferably find a young boy or girl and play with them any game they like.

    After a day you will receive so much love from these people, and you will want each day go help them, and you will not have time to think about the emptiness of your life.

    My advice is guarantied 100%, I tried it before, it works.

    Good luck

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    Some days, i too feel like that. But it will pass. We have to believe that all things will work out for us and learn from the mistakes of others. Is your problem bigger than people in the world more unfortunate than you?. Think about it and rise again ok?

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    the reason why you don't see a future is because you haven't created it. life is like a book, you write whatever you want it to be. the reason you feel lonely and cold is because you attract it. instead of thinking such negative thoughts, think of whatever makes you happy and reach for that goal. you the the author of your life. you create it. don't let depression take over who you are. you are in power of your self being. don't let anything contorl you.

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    Don't be so hard on yourself. Take it easy. Take a walk in the park, do some deep breathing and trust yourself, trust that all will be OK. Life is only what you make of it. Good Luck :-)

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    Forget the past and don't think of future? What about present. Can you live in it?

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