why is red rose a symbol of true love?and what's the meaning of roses of other colors?


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    Red roses proclaim "I love you." They are the ultimate symbol of romantic love and enduring passion. Florists can't keep up with Valentines Day demand for red roses, which makes them especially expensive in February

    Pale Pink Roses

    Pale pink roses connote grace, gentleness, and gratitude.

    Light Pink Roses

    A joy to behold, light pink roses express fun and happiness.

    Deep Pink Roses

    Deep pink roses say "Thank you."

    Lilac Roses

    Lilac roses indicate the sender has fallen in love at first sight with the recipient and is enchanted.

    White Roses

    Pure white roses symbolize truth and innocence. They also send other messages: "I miss you" and "You're heavenly."

    Coral Roses

    Coral roses express one thing with their passionate color: Desire.

    Peach Roses

    Peach roses speak of appreciation, gratitude, and also sympathy.

    Orange Roses

    Orange roses communicate enthusiasm and desire on the part of the sender.

    Yellow Roses

    Yellow roses indicate friendship and freedom -- so don't send them if your intentions are romantic and long-lasting. Yellow roses are also appropriate for sending congratulations to newlyweds, graduates, Texans, and new mothers.

    Dead Roses

    Regardless of the original color, dead roses say "It's over" loud and clear.


    Put two or more colors of roses together, and a new rose meaning arises:

    White Roses + Yellow Roses

    A symbol of harmony.

    Red Roses + Yellow Roses

    A message of happiness and celebration.

    Red Roses + White Roses

    An indication of bonding and harmony.


    While roses are traditionally presented in bouquet form, these are also acceptable:

    Single Red Rose

    "I love you" (but I'm not going to go broke telling you).

    Single Rose Any Color

    "I thank you" (and I'm still not going to go broke saying so).

    Two Roses Entwined

    An engagement or marriage is imminent.

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    Maybe red is a symbolic color for love, not the rose. Red = colour for the heart = love. Yellow rose/yellow = friendship, White/Blue rose=mourning, etc.

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    Red: The colour associated with love and passion (true love.)

    White: Is a eternal Love. Forever together.

    and some other roses are for funerals only.

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    yellow - is a symbol of break up

    white - is a symbol of sympathy

    red - is a symbol of true and passionate love

    there's Heidi Klum special rose, it has raspberry color

    well , i like roses and i don't care what color they have ,they're just beautiful ,that's all! :)

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    Please forgive me for bursting your bubble. The fact is that the red is just there. My aunt would laugh every time she saw my son because he had red. She said that my grandmother would make her take caster oil when she got red. It is generational or caused by cold or embarrassment or or or. However, let your dreams go on and dream that you are causing your loved one to show that he/she loves you by having a red nose. How romantic.

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    RED implies love.




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    I know that yellow is for real frindship..

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    i want to ask that question too...

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