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Why did I do IT?

I have a MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum (MS-7125), I used Live Update(The one MSI offers) and updated my BIOS, but now my plug and play stuff, doesnt work well anymore, how do I get it running properly?

Can I go back to my orginal Bios, Im going to format my PC, what should I do to make everything run well?


Cant see my Bios at the startup eg, speed of CPU, Award BIOS etc I only see the MSI logo(What must I do to see it?), everything works fine but when I put my IPOD or something else into the USB port it takes a while to load, but it does my PC a little messed up because I havent formatted it for ages or is it because I used live update to FLASH my BIOS? How would I really know my Bios is not working Properly?

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    Do you know the earlier BIOS software version you had ???

    Contact the manufacturer and ask them where you can find the earlier BIOS...

    Reload the earlier BIOS...

    If it doesn't help... you might have to get a new mother board alltogether.. (same brand and model of the earlier one or you might again end up into hardware compatibility issues)

    Do not play next time.

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    Formatting your PC won't fix your bios. Formatting your pc only clears the hard drive. If you want to go back to your original BIOS, you need to find a motherboard flasher and find the old bios firmware. Then you have to reflash the motherboard with that firmware to get it back to where it is. Make sure you get the firmware for the right board. If you get the wrong one, you can screw up your computer beyond belief.

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    You shouldn't have done that.

    It tells you, Bios updating is not for everyone.

    You have to be very sure of what you are doing.

    You don't even need a Bios update.

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