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What do you think should be done to ease traffic congestion in Manila, Philippines?

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    A good effective public mass transit system

    A good example, or sometimes a good example of what not to do can be seen in other major cities around the world.

    By fortune and luck, I have been able to visit cities that are major population centers and have public transportation systems.

    By far the best example of moving people around a city, thus reducing the need to drive a personally owned vehicle can be seen in Tokyo. Trains, subways, buses and taxis cover the entire city. The system is extensive and affective.

    An example of a good idea gone wrong, is the SF-Bay Area's BART System(Bay Area Rapid Transit). This hub centric system can take you from city to city, but there is no real effective way to get you from a station to say your home or work. Still this system takes people in and out of SF and Oakland, and that means less cars on the roads.

    Within SF, Miuni buses and street cars make going anywhere in the city possible. SF is only about 7x7 miles wide, not much room for everyone to drive their cars at the same time. (Thugs and rude people is a different topic)

    London also has a good system that is easy to use and very extensive. The London underground serves the city well, while British Rail does a good job to transport masses to and from outside London.

    Now this is all easy to implement here in cyber academia world. The current public transportation system could be extended and further developed. It does take funds, resources and money to make it happen. It would be awesome for Manila.

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    An efficient public transit.

    In Toronto, there's a special lane for cars with 3 or more passengers. Those with one (1) passenger stucks with the rest of the traffic. That encourages the use of public transit especially in the downtown area.

    Develop the countryside. Manila is too congested. Everybody thinks that they can only get a good life in Manila when the reality is you can get it everywhere given the opportunity. I hope the urban poor goes to the countryside as they have more opportunities planting camote than begging on the streets.

    Educate. Unfortunately, I find it hard to drive a car in Manila for whatever reason. Drivers should be educated on how to be courteous on the road.

    We all complain about traffic. We want the government to take action. But we don't follow the government and yet we complain. I think, traffic congestion starts from each one of us. If we all use a public transit, then we will reduce traffic congestion as well as pollution.

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    Sanmigsea has hit the nail right on the head. His three points would make a big difference.

    I think stopping bays for jeepneys, taxis etc. would also help as would keeping all of the passenger type vehicles and bicycles to the right lane except when turning or passing.

    Another possible solution would be building an extensive Light Rail System. It is amazing that a city the size of Manila has no real rail system.

    Begin to enforce some of the road rules (whatever they are).

    Source(s): Constant visitor to the country who won't drive.
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    Basically strictly enforce traffic rules, and not selectively to collect a bribe. All rules need to be enforced, but these would quickly make a difference:

    - Make sure cars use the correct lanes and stay in them unless signaling. I mean no left turns from the right lane on a 3 lane street, no drifting between two lanes in case one suddenly moves faster, no making a 5 lane stree out of a 4 lane street, etc.

    - Make sure Jeepney & Bus drivers only stop in the right-hand lane at designated spots instead of just anywhere they want.

    - Make sure no one blocks an intersection. Establish a huge fine for any cars left in an intersection when the light turns red.

    Alone these three infringements account for 50% of the traffic delays. Improved public transit would also help, but these three things can be done quickly and without major expense!

    Source(s): Drive every workday from Manila to Makati to Ortigas and back to Manila!
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  • Install large cranes with powerful magnets at all troublesome intresections.

    Any vehicle breaking lane/stop light/common sense rules could then be picked up by the magnet and swung over to the nearest, dirtiest back street with very few exits as a small lesson to the 'driver'.

    These crane/magnet combinations work very well in breakers yards, so you could also give the people a chance to exit the vehicle and then drop it in the crusher to permanently remove the problem, and then recycle the vehicle for steel/plastics etc.

    Source(s): Anyone becoming upset by this slightly amusing potential solution either doesn't know how to drive and/or breaks the rules and creates congestion!
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    1. Strict implementation of traffic laws.

    2. Jail all corrupt traffic enforcers and traffic police.

    3. Repair all defective traffic lights and roads

    4. Re-plan the traffic system.

    5. Higher fines for violators both commuters, bus/jeep operators and drivers.

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    Enforce the existing laws, give the cops incentive (like a quota system on how many tickets they can issue) so they would not accept bribes, build wider roads. But that's just wishful thinking. Especially if you wish for corruption all over the country to be a thing of the past.

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    Create a special lane (on busy wide streets) for jeepneys only.

    Time the red lights so they make some sense.

    Remove some of the u-turn slots and create left turn lanes at some of the major intersections.

    Fix potholes (the huge ones) so people don't have to slow down and go around them.

    Source(s): My life is spent (or so it feels) in traffic
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    They should just be strict in giving drivers liscense. All driver aspirants must take exams and seminars of being a desciplined driver. They must follow all rules and regulations in the road. Thats not cheap but I still think thats the cheapest and effective way than making road constructions to widen the streets and roads.

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    The authority in charge must arrest the illegal passengers vehicles and the smoke belchers. This is one way to lessen the super traffic condition.

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