The file attached to this message was infected with a virus that we were unable to clean.i want to dwn

i really need the file. and it`s a little virus. how can i download it?

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    1 decade ago
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    The absolutely SAFEST solution is this:

    Download and burn to CDrom,

    Reboot your computer with it in the CDrom drive, set to boot from CD in the CMOS Setup menu.

    Open Firefox, and download it to an external drive such as a USB stick or to a floppy.

    Be aware that the virus won't run now, but, if you reboot to the fragile Microsoft environment, and open that file, it will auto-execute!

    Also, if you run any emulator in Linux and have the Microsoft vulnerable environment booted, and you are ROOT in Linux, you will infect the Microsoft virus magnet!!!

    My advice is to always manipulate or create virus files on an isolated machine, that is not hooked up to any network.

    Although Linux is virus proof, it can save and store any file type, including those evil or malignant files for Microsoft, which is why there is AVG or CLAMAV that runs on Linux, to protect weak Microsoft systems.


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    Do not open the file and just delete it. I suggest that you try to carryout system restore to a day previous to the day when there was no virus or any problems. It may be a few weeks or months back. You have to decide the date. Detailed instructions are posted at

    The problem is likely to be solved. Then,You insatll a standard antivirus soft ware such as Norton, AVG , Avast ( free antivirus software and Ad-aware, Ewido ( free spyware removers). You can download free softwares at and

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    Disable your virus scanner and download it. If this message comes in Yahoo mail just ignore and download the file.

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    you need to remove the virus.

    visit for a step by step guide how to remove any virus on your system. The website is great - it tells you step by step instructions on how to do it.

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