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Do you know how can i connect to my home pc through my work pc without using remote admin?


I mean through the internet

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    unless you have a bloody long crossover cable then no. question a bit i use a program called VNC to remotely control mine.

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    I think you just want to know the things not to impliment because when you have fantastic remote admin option why should are you looking for something else any way . You mentioned in your question that connection through internet. You can use a software called LogMe in you can connect to a remote pc through internet but it is every slow and it is free if you are using two pc try this.

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    Yep, visit Download the beinsync program and choose which data you need to share. You will then have to choose your username and password you will need to log into the website to access all shared data (even your e-mails) at work (anywhere with internet access). It is also secure.

    There is a limit though as this is a 30 days trial unless you buy Beinsync Pro (price options on the website).

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    Try using Himachi, its a freeware.

    Install it on ur office PC & Home PC and configure it on both systems. You would be able to access the Office PC from Home.

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    Use Team2Work. Its a lil USB Adapter and you can put it in your Workcomputer and it will hook up with your computer at home! Its totally safe too. Cause as soon as you take the USB Adapter out none of the informations or data will be safed on your work computer!

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    Can use "Pc To Home" type softwares...but it may not work since your work place is firewall protected... also your work place might have VPNs that will mean a connection problem... again.... forget it.

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    yea,there are many softwares you have to install it thru or better use VPN best way , but it will cost you very much.

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