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wat is the best way to develop patience and concentration?

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    To develop patience certainly and mainly by accepting the fact that nothing is perfect in this world. When you cannot accept imperfections than you could become impatient, judgmental, nerve-wrecking, always complain and angry all the time with every little things around you.

    To develop concentration is to know what you're doing. You have to have an absolute conviction within yourself and to realize what are you doing in the first place. Cuz everything could get tedious after a while and you have to remember what is your first motivation for all the things you do in your life.

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    When something interests you, patience and concentration are always there: so try to look at whatever it is in a new light; in the kind of light that is personally interesting to you.

    Everything is connected in multiple ways. So there is some way or another that you can find interest and usefulness in everything. Dig into it. And even the things that defy your interest after repeated attempts will eventually interest you most when you find that what you seek is merely well hidden.

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    You're trying to prepare for holiday shopping, aren't you? Seriously, what helps me is exercise (walking clears the head) & (deep breathing) relaxation techniques with imagery.

    Source(s): I was a single parent.
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    Become a teacher's aide in a Pre-school or kindergarten class.


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    Practice being patient (Go to the long lines at the grocery store)

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    hold that thought I'll be right back

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    take up buddhism

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