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ahhh help!?

i dyed my hair black about 5 months ago, and today i tryed to dye it medium brown, and the only thing that worked was my roots! now i have medium-light brown roots and the rest of my hair is still black! is there anyway i can fix this myself without dying it back to black???

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    OK.... try to dye your hair again but start with the ends first and but a lot of color (be very generous with it) and let it between 10 to 15 minutes.and put the remained color to the roots,by the way use good quantity of color to full your hair in it ,it doesn't work if you put a few paste ,and last advise use good quality color let ' say an expensive one.... your hair worth it ...

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    You may want to think about going to a professional otherwise let it grow out and continue to color a light brown

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    You have to get a really light blond (almost white) ... it will "suck" the colour out. and then when its really light colour put the brown on you want.

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  • try dying it again the same color you tried to dye it today.

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    leave ur hair alone and go to a hairdresser

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