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Can I have Boiled egg once in a week while dieting?

I M dieting these days rather I shd say just started eating the right food. I eat lot of green vegetables / fruits and steemed food rather food cooked in oil. I also eat steamed fish & chicken wid steemed rice. like one day chicken(widout skin and fat) one day fish, and one day egg. im bit confused abt Egg. having an boiled egg is OK. or i shd avoid it. Anyother changes in my diet u can suggest. plzz tell.

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    A boiled egg (or poached) is only about 75 Calories - so it is a pretty safe thing to have on your "sometimes is fine" list.

    The reason most diets fail is because people cannot stand feeling as though they are ALWAYS on punishment rations. One thing that certainly helps improve the chance of a diet becoming a "new eating pattern" is to allow yourself SENSIBLE amounts of even "naughty food" - let alone fairly good ones like egg.

    PS: If on a carb diet, then alas the above does not apply, and you cann just have the occasional cake / bar of "real" chocolate without crashing out. for most diets however, a treat is IMPORTANT - to help keep you motivated to stay on it.

    Although egg contains cholestorol, it seems that is does NOT have an adverse effect on your body level, so if you can build the 75 calories into breakfast and wanted to, you could have a boiled egg for breakfast as and when you wanted to.

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    You seem fanatical. Uninformed diet people like to get caught up on the types of food and fads without keeping in mind the ultimate truth of losing weight: burn more calories than you consume and you will lose weight. Also, try the Check Spelling button that Yahoo! graciously provides. It works wonders to avoid idiot-perception.

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    Oh, you have a well balanced diet. But then, please get rid of carbonated drinks; sweets, especially chocolates, ice cream and pastries; grapes, mangoes and watermelon. You must drink, at least 15 glasses of water. Try it. I lose weight from 75kilos to 62kilos in 3 months. Right now, I am just maintaining my weight to be only up to 64kilos.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!

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    Absolutely......But don't eat the yoke.

    The white of an egg is the number one sourse of pure protein.

    It does contain 3.3 grams of fat but low cal's and is a good source of selenium, lutein and choline.

    Suggestion........Tuna fish...Great protein and no, i mean no fat to speak of. If you can't eat it plain(like me) only eat it on 100% whole grain or wheat bread..

    you must exercise to complete the weight loss.

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    egg whites are really healthy... egg yokes are great for the building faze for weight lifters... u should probably throw the yokes out or at least limit the yoke that you eat.

    FYI add a little bit of olive oil (tea spoon) to ur meats it tastes better and has healthy fats that promote weight loss.

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    Get rid of the egg yokes and just eat the egg whites.

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    yep u can but once per day better 2 be in the morning.

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    No, you will die if you do this.

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