Okay this is probably pretty old school Christmas, but...?

Okay this is probably pretty old school Christmas, but does any one here hang a pickel ornament on their Christmas trees? Do any of you guys know what I am talking about?


Oh, by the way, it is a German tradition[I think.] A parent will carefully hide the pickel in the tree. The kid that finds the pickel, Christmas morning, will recieve an extra present.

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    oh yah, we've got the pickle ornament. Its been my favorite since I was really little, I even told my brother it was real once.

  • My daughter started this as her families tradition a few years ago. The Grandchildren look for the pickle ornament and whoever discovers it 1st receives an additional gift. They love it!!

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    My parents do/did that. My grandfather actually carved the pickel they use out of pine. It is the hardest thing to find. They use plastic ones for the grandkids, but the original one is still there for my brothers and sisters to find.

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    yes sir!! my mother in law came over a few years ago when we weren't home and put it on the tree and we didn't even see it for like 3 days, then one night we're watching tv and I was like hey, is that a pickle? I think it's cool. we live near Pittsburgh so first i thought it was a Heinz pickle, but then I read the story on the little scroll that came with it.

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    I have seen many pickle ornaments. I have never put one on my tree but have seen it often; and of course I see the pickle ornaments in stores. I didn't know the history behind this though. Thanks for letting us know where it came from.

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    where are you from?????????????????????????????

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