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laser hair removal?

Is laser hair removal a garentee, or is their a risk involved? And also does it cost alot say for all or your legs, arms and chest?

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    It depends on the area being treated, the density of the treatment area, how the provider has their pricing set up, how good the equipment being used is and whether you just want to thin the area or receive full removal.

    Some groups charge per session, some charge in packages of 4-6 treatments and others charge for a package of treatments and give you long term removal guarantees. On average, you can expect small areas to cost $100 per Tx and large areas to cost arond $500 per Tx. If you get multiple areas done at once, most providers will give you a discounted price.

    As far as risks, I had laser treatments on my neck and had great results. If you get a treatment while you are tan or sunburned, there is a higher risk that the laser will burn your skin because it will be attracted to the melanin in your skin instead of the melanin in your hair follicle.

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    Laser hair removal at a salon is expensive and depends on the body area being treated. For full body the cost will run into thousands as a series of treatments is required. It also depends on how strong your hair growth is.

    Lasers generally work best on people with dark hair and light skin as the laser beam needs to be able to differentiate between the hair and skin to avoid damaging the skin.

    Find a salon or clinic that has been doing laser hair removal for a good few years and has well experiences technicians.

    There are also home laser hair removal kits available that you can use to determine how well laser treatments will work for you. They are cheap and use the same technology as the salon lasers, but can only treat one hair at a time. Salon laser machines can treat a patch of hair about 1cm squared at a time.

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    LASER – The Choice for Hair Removal

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    I know personally that in MANY cases the treatments don't always work. It is slightly painful, very slight, and one of the most common risks I was told would be possible burns. Costs are always different depending on where you go. I know a specialist who was talked down to $100.00 a session, and that was for 2 very tiny areas. Good luck.

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    Laser hair removal is “permanent” hair removal method but is expensive and you have to find a trained professional, otherwise your skin could be damaged.

    A review of the various hair removal methods is available at

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