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Should I leave Him?

I've been with him for 2 years but lately he gets mad more easier and he slaps me sometimes. And my EX Boyfriend keeps saying he loves me and all this. But he cheated on me. And the one I'm with now only loves me because of some stupid things where my ex's reasons are I dunno how you would put it. But basicly I dunno if I sould stay with who I'm with now or go back to my ex.

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    heres the deal nikk leave that fool alone.. cause apparently he doesnt love you... he wouldnt be hitting or even touching in the wrong way if he loves you.. hes just there because hes lonely..

    and your ex.. well thats hes fault for messing up.. do yourself a favor.. think of what you need to do with your life and stop thinking about those two nimrods...your better off..

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    If he is only slapping you right now what do you think he will do later if you let him get away with it now. Men always start off slapping then move on to more violent things. Know one has the right to hit someone else be it a man or a woman. I would get rid it will hurt and he will say how he will change and stop doing it but i wouldn't listen. You need to find someone who loves you for who and what you are. Hes out there and he loves you so much and Will treat you the way you should be.

  • I think that the smart thing to do would to be to leave your boyfriend but not go out with your ex either, find someone new that wont cheat or slap you... no girl diserves that!!!!!!

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    no way!!! u should not stay with someone who slaps you especially if you even have doubt that you should be with him in the first place!!! u should not go with your ex either he probably just wants to know if youll crawl back!! have respect for yourself and find someone better!!!

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    Walk away from both of them. Your partner now is physically abusive and your ex emotionally abusive. Move on, you deserve better.

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    Dont have anything more to do with either of them. One hits you and the other betrayed you - both are untrustworthy. Move on, you can do better..

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    you really have to ask? you should never stay with anyone who hits you, even once. he will never stop, and it will just get worse. he doenst really love you if he hits you. he has issues, and you dont need to bear the brunt of it. get out, and fast.

    dont even worry about your ex or anyone, you just need to get out of the situation you are in and take care of yourself.

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    Listen to your heart, sis.

    I suggest don't let your boyfriend do the physical harassment to you.

    Good luck.

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    if hes hitting you then get the hell can find someone who cares about you enough NOT to hit you...theres no need or reason to put up with that kind of abuse...

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    no, don't leave him until he breaks at least one of your bones.

    Here's a thought.....

    Why don't you try being single?

    I'd probably bang ya.

    Or, you can always hit yourself and save bf 1 the work.

    I can always beat you around... but you better like it kinky and tied up.


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