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effects of campylobactor?

can anyone explain to me wether during the first 10 days of a quite severe case of the above i noticed my body emitted quite an unusual odour moreso during bouts of fever symtoms. as the problem abated and i thought i was free of the problem it was 5 days later i continued to suffer the fever symtoms and a sense of imbalance of the inner ear which was further treated with antibiotics. as this cleared i continued to be aware of the same unusual odour moreso when breathing thru my nose, although the odour was not apparent externally as confirmed by my wife.

i can only assume this is related to the continued presence of some aspect of the campylobactor or am i wrong

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    The smell in your nose is probably from the antibiotic you are taking for the campylobacter.

    You poor baby, I bet you thought you were going to die. You probably ate some spoiled food.

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    I understand the campy bit but you lost me with the lobactor.

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