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I have a backup and recovery CD with my Medion computer. It contains XPHOEM_EN. Is this an installation for XP


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    Hi Adam.

    I'm going to answer "yes" also, but add a little reserve.

    See, the word that bothers me in "XPHOEM_EN." is "oem", which is short for "Original Equipment Manufacturer". This means that the XP on that disk is not by any means the full retail version of the application but a barebones, stripped-down version of the OS that the computer manufacturer bought as 'volume license'.

    But if this is all you've worked with and known, it probably won't make too much of a difference to you.

    Eh.. I'm interpreting "XPHOEM_EN." as "Windows XP Home (Edition) Original Equipment Manufacturer (version)_English" (*laughs* because that's more or less what I have on my desktop too!).

    But I'm saying all of this to get to the meat of the matter and why I think you're asking: either you need to reinstall the OS on your own computer or are thinking "could this work for another computer (if it is indeed an installation disk)?" Well (if so), possibly, but again I *reserve* that because OEM's are usually tailored for the hardware on which they'll perform, including only the most essential drivers, apps and primitive features...which means a "Medion" oem disk might not be 100% effective being installed on an "HP" (for example) computer.

    But it's better than nothing.

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    i would think so as most recovery cd's do contain an operating system.

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