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funny korean dramas please?

i jus finished watchin the korean drama "my girl" it was soo funny..

can u list a few funny dramas like it or better?

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    Here are my fav korean dramas. These are my own opinions/summaries.(I've seen way more Asian dramas in YouTube than I can remember.)

    *My Name is Kim Sam Soon- forget about beautiful and young leading ladies, this very hilarious drama is about a chubby 30 year-old who was humiliatingly dumped by her cheating boyfriend on christmas eve. You will start laughing at the first episode especially at the part when Sam Soon meets her love interest for the first the men's bathroom! Later on, he hires her to pretend to be his gf bec. his mom won't stop bugging him.

    *Sassy/Delightful Girl ChunHyang-I just love dramas with forced marriages in them, but in this drama they don't fall in love eventually while they were married...the girl actually left by divorcing the guy because she knows that the guy is in love with his first love but then the guy feels that he's not complete so he went searching for her then later realizes that she's the one he wants.Just like in Sam Soon, they have a very hilarious first encounter.

    *Full House- girl was conned by her own bestfriends and loses everything, especially the house that her late father built himself. Guy is a famous actor. Guy hires girl to be his wife and in return girl can get her house back. Plot might not be very unique but this drama is very funny and sweet.

    I also recommend Taiwanese dramas such as:

    *It started with a Kiss- MY STOMACH HURTS FROM LAUGHING WHILE WATCHING THIS DRAMA!!! It is just absolutely funny. If most love stories are betweern rich-poor, ugly-hot, bad-good, this drama is a dumb girl( she's from class F) who was in love with the smartest guy in school.

    *Meteor Garden- this is the pioneer of all the good comedic dramas in Taiwan in my opinion. It's about a very rich heir,Dao Ming Si, and his gang, the F4. They basically bully everyone and control their school, until Shan Cai, a poor but headstrong girl stood up against him. He bullies her, of course, but later on she gains his respect and eventually falls in love with her...but she was in love with another F4 member, Lei, the guy who rescues her during the times when Dao Ming Si was bullying her.


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    I love funny korean dramas are some i recomend..Ü

    Lovers in Paris

    My Name is Kim Sam Soon

    Sweet 18

    Princess Lulu

    have fun!

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    Full House....definitely!

    Light and funny. I love the characters and the soundtrack. It's my all time favorite Korean drama.

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    "full house" :)

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