long lovely eyelashes.....?

my dad has them, my brother, he got 'em...me, the girl, u could barely notice my eyelashesare there. Besides fake lashes, what is the best mascara, or technique to lengthen my lashes?

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    Here is one good recipe - every evening before going to sleep I put some caster oil on my eyelashes with a clean mascara-brush and sleep with it.In the morning just wash it if there is something left.You'll see the results in a few days - the eyelashes become thicker and if you keep doing it in time they will be longer too.I am very pleased with this recipe and there are many other women who do it too!Good luck!

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    I have pretty long lashes without macara..but to make mine longer, I take a eyelash brush and brush my eyelashes to make them all even and ready for mascara. Then, I always apply waterproof mascara so that if it rains or you happen to cry or rub your eyes, the mascara won't rub off. Apply very softly at first then once you have let the mascara dry for a few seconds..go back and make sure that you got all of the lashes. Last, take an eyelash curler and curl your lashes. This is the one thing that really makes your eyelashes appear longer and look G O O D! =]

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    Mix some Castrol oil+a little bit of Almond oil,and apply them with a mascara brush (u can buy it alone instead of using an old one) every night.U can also use this mixture for ur eye brows.

    There's also a product from Mavala,that makes ur lashes longer,but i've never tried it.

    Finally,use the eyelash curler,it makes them look longer,but DON't use mascara alot,specially the waterproof type cuz it'll make them fall out...

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    If you don't want to put oil near your precious eyesight, you can just apply your mascara differently. After curling your lashes (optional), Apply mascara on the underside of your top lashes. Apply mascara on the topside of you top lashes and add again on the underside to make them curl a little more. Apply a second coat.

    Source(s): Saw a gay make-up artist do it. I have done it ever since.
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    www.katiebco.com- She has the best mascara I've ever tried. I am Asian, so long eyelashes for me? No, not me. So when I used it I was amazed. I had long thick lashes. You may want to give it a try.

    Source(s): www.katiebco.com
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    Mix some Castor oil and Almond oil/Olive oil and apply it to your lashes before going to sleep... and you should take care of the skin around your eyes caz if you're wearing makeup then you need to keep the delicate skin around your eyes healthy. Apply some almond oil around your eyes.. and massage them gently b4 going to sleep, this also helps blood circulation and keeps the eyes bright.

    Source(s): I'm Indian... it's the ayurvedic secrets to looking good and living healthy.
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    Maybelline Great lash or XXL are top ranked products.

    See this source for why


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    I like the new Chanel inimitable mascara... the brush is made of plastic and it doesn't smudge... people would ask me what kind of mascara I am using ;-)

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