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What do you hate about today’s society?

What do you hate about today’s society?

*the coldness and fear in people, people are even to afraid to stop and help someone

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    I hate that people are not more careful about who they have sex with. People do not have regard for their lives. They have unprotected sex without thinking about how it will affect them.

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    What I hate is that so many people seem unable to think for themselves. Most of the people just repeat stuff they've heard on TV or read in the newspaper. Any lie becomes the truth if it's been repeated again and again by the media. And it works : people say : "I think that..." and don't even realize it's been thought by someone else for them. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in The Brave New World.

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    i hate is that so many people seem so totally helpless. the electric goes off for a few days and you'd think the world was ending. near adult high school kids can't cross a 2 lane highway with out a crossing guard. no one can seem to live without a cell phone pressed to their ear. parents can't even read to their children anymore but instead buy teddy bears that reads to their kids. youngsters are so used to email and text messaging that they can't write or spell. there's even an electric tooth brush with a tiny computer in it to tell you it needs new brushes and batteries. and there's a law for everything perhaps because common sense if an antiquated idea and self reliance is a alien concept. if something big happened and food wasn't shipped into the corner market and utlities weren't available with the flip of the switch or the turn of a faucet methinx most people, especially Americans, would starve to death or go feral.

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    this is a great question!

    I don't want to sound too cynical, because I really do believe that there are still lots of wonderful things to live for. And I also don't want to stereotype "all of society" as being the same. There are lots of different people with different attitudes and different experiences. The things I dislike about society seem to me to be things that are pretty typical of society in general, but I realize that they do not apply to everyone.

    What I dislike:

    •people are so materialistic these days. everything is about the latest status symbol, iPods, cell phones, must-have gadgets, commercialism

    •violence, not that it's anything new, but really, you'd have thought humans would learn to stop fighting and killing each other by now. there is so much suffering and misery in the world simply because humans cannot get along

    •racism, ethnocentricism, hatred, ignorance

    •everyone is obsessed with the "path to success". all anyone seems to want is to get ahead in life. they see education as a means to an a way to get a job and make money. People don't seem to value knowlege and education on their own anymore.

    •economic development and neoliberalism. the agenda of politicians and corporations is a constant agenda of economic growth, relying upon the exploitation of the Third World. it is not fair. It is just a form of neoimperialism.

    •there doesn't seem to be much good music or movies these days

    •people are too afraid. the likelihood that terrorists are going to attack us again is extremely low. we need to stop being so paranoid.

    •boredom. people are so bored these days. they have no attention span.

    •my super sweet sixteen. that show is representative of everything that is wrong with america. that, and paris hilton and britney spears

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    Ted Bundy taught us not to stop and help someone. That's how he got his victims. Many jerks use the "injured person" syndrome to rob, maim, or kill their victims. So we have lost our ability to see the difference between an act and the genuine injured. It has become a means of survival.

    What I hate about our society is that we seem to have misplaced our sense of personal responsibility. It's always someone or something else's fault: "I was drunk, I was on drugs, my mommy & daddy were mean to me."

    Hopefully we as adults and children too will realize that we are responsible for our own actions. Consequences happen and we must stand and face them.

    It's not our potential that defines us but rather our actions.

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    It is a selfish society at least in our part of the world. We have become totally insensitive the need of others. Good manners have given to crass behaviour. Its a long list but there is a hope if we realise where we are going.

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    I hate the lies.

    We keep singing out songs of love, keep pouring our souls and hearts for love, yet we dont really seem to fully understand it or really do anything about it.

    I hate the lack of respect.

    Where without respect there are crimes, abuse and raciscm.

    I hate when we can all critizise yet cant do anything to solve the solution.

    It is easy to critisize yet hard to create

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    Almost everthing, but it all boils down to being a lost society. We do everything wrong. We promote teen sex, drug use, and murder without even knowing if there is someone good enough at home to tell us that things like that are wrong. Our society just doesn't give a damn and to me, THAT'S JUST WRONG!

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    I hate the blame everyone else mentality. Blame Mum blame Dad, blame the molestor, blame the builders, whatever. The whole sue everyone thing. People should be responsible for themselves in adulthood.

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    that old men try to be hot and get tattoos and date young women just because they feel that their life is going too fast

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