I have a Mac OS X and am trying to use Yahoo with voice, but the "call" Icon is not showing up,Why?

I have installed the newest version of yahoo with voice also. When the IM page comes up, I can still chat manually, but the icon for "calling with voice"other PC's does not.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yahoo's version of Messenger for Mac users is sadly lacking compared to their windows version.

    v3.0 (beta) http://messenger.yahoo.com/mac.php doesnt give us all the same features as v8 for windows but its without doubt an improvement on v2.5.3.... and despite v3 now have animated smileys, stealth settings, drag n drop file transfer, and WLM friends.... we still dont have features such as voice, IMV's, audibles etc and they appear to have dropped the ability to save IM sessions which was a feature of v2.5.3... although you had to save them manually, it wasn't a default option.

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    i'm assuming you advise the aggravating disk icon has disappeared out of your computing device? if that's the case, only bypass to the Finder menu and choose techniques. on the final tab, click the field to "tutor those products on the computing device: annoying Disks." close the techniques window.

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