Dynamic Air Filters?

I was looking into air filters today for my home AC unit and came across something called Dynamic Air Filters (http://www.airlifeone.com/dynwholehouse.html). They sound too good to be true: cheap, not much trouble, and filter just about everything: dust, allergens, anything bigger than a micron. So why doesn't anybody whose ever had allergies get one of these? I'm skeptical, anybody here ever tried it?


yeah, sorry I don't know why the link is not working. If you type "Dynamic Air Filter" into yahoo you should several pages with info.

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    I viewed the website and looked at the product. First I will say that these are not new, I have used a similar one that was washable years ago. It works by charging the filter media with a high voltage the idea is that the charged filter media will capture more dust and pollutants in the air. I am a real skeptic about some products but I will say the idea is sound and the filter I used grabbed dirt like a bugger. I believe this is would work much better than even a high priced filter from 3M. The 3M filter media is electrostaticlly charged and this charge traps more stuff than an charged media. This electronic filter uses the power supply to charge the media with thousands of volts static charge, I think it would work great.

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    I haven't tried any of these yet, and I tried clicking on your link but it didn't work...sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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