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is it possible at 1 week after conception to feel pregnancy signs?


I don't mean like the baby moving but like. . . exhaustion, cravings, peeing, achs. . ect.. .

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    yes it is. before i knew that i was pregnant, this was before i missed my period, i kept having these pains on my left side, and then it was sometimes on my right side, like where my ovaries are and stuff. and my mom kept telling me, well your just going to start your period soon thats all. but i knew it wasnt my period. so then i just didnt think anything of it, and then i started getting sick and thats when i knew that i was pregnant. lol my mom was making eggs and bacon, and just the smell made me have morning sickness. and now i am 8 months pregnant. Good Luck to you! and i hope i answered your question

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  • It is possible to have the symptons of sickness, tired, or cravings but not you can't see or feel a diiference.

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    it is possible to feel morning sickness and dizziness, etc but not very likely, if you are talking about like the baby moving there is no way.

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    you can tell days after

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