pressing ctrl doesn't let me into games?

Tried to disable popups. tried to press ctrl doesn't work

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yahoo and anyone how says turn off pop up blocker is mistaken, it causes to many problems turned off. it is needed to block unwanted pop ups. When you try getting in lounge or room and it doesn't work. click on pop up blocker on yahoo tool bar. Always allow tab it will say recent pop ups blocked. high light then click allow. This is the proper way to use the pop up blocker, and in past 6 months since yahoo’s new format came out, I have never had a problem or had to hold any keys down to get in.1st thing you do when you get in lounge is check small windows in options box. Once in room make sure you expand it to see chat area. This also gets rid of the big ads. IE browser settings to allow pop ups Right click on IE icon ,properties, privacy tab, cookie over ride. Type in, allow then ok.

    . Here is an easy fast way into games. Go to find game select lounge page you want to play. Click on file, send, desk-top short cut. Or add to your favorites. This gives you a straight link to shove it. Now click on a lounge, it will take you to yahoo games log in page. Log in, then minimize log in window while its loading. Now click the lounge link again and open the log in window back up. Your in. nice thing is you can get in any lounge or game that’s full or not. Good luck with your games.

  • 4 years ago

    in line with what you're announcing, ie. your equipment got here with domicile windows ninety 8 and ran nice, i'm assuming that that's an older equipment. maximum new video games possibly won't run on the device. the excuses are many yet for the main area i'm specific you have an older slower processor, possibly in basic terms 512 mb, or much less, of memory. if in case you have an intergrated, ie, geared up into the motherboard, video card. you need to spend money updating your equipment, memory, video card, quicker CPU, yet in the top the overall performance you're able to earnings, won't justify the rate. Now that's in simple terms my enter, yet i think of in case you propose on employing greater modern-day utility, ie video games, you're able to desire to seem into determining to purchase a greater modern-day device.

  • 1 decade ago

    well sometimes i have to press control+shift and it opens, or just go to TOOLS and go to POP-UP BLOCKER and turn it off.

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