Nose piercing infections?

I've looked at other questions about nose piercing infections but they aren't really helping. So basically I got my nose done over the summer and it was great until the last few months. My nose keeps getting red and I get the little bump (keloids?)...and then it goes away. Well after a day or so, it just comes back!!! I feel like I've tried eveything. I cleaned it with salt water multiple times a day, used bactine to clean it, used antibacterial soap, and BC powder to get rid of the keloids...but nothing is REALLY working at keeping the infection away. I've even tried just leaving it alone because I've heard that overcleaning can be bad, but that's not working either. I'm so frustrated!!!!!!!!

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    A keloid does not mean you have an infection- it just means your cartilidge is irritated. Make sure that your nose ring isn't too tight (as in, the bend isn't too close to the stud that it's squeezing your nostril). The best way to get rid of a keloid is really easy! Take an asprin (with no coating or anything on it), and run it under some lukewarm water until it just starts to dissolve. Rub it between your fingers to make it all crumbly, then put this pasty/crumble on your piercing and around the area. Leave it on for about 15 minutes, and do this twice a day.

    Also,when you're in the shower, use a gentle liquid anti-bacterial soap (like dial) and rub it on the outside of your nose where it is pierced. Move your piercing back and forth a bit to get it inside the hole. Rinse thoroughly. Do this once or twice a day (but NO MORE THAN twice a day). This will prevent infection.

    Don't use salt water or bactine. Bactine will just irritate it more. Just keep doing the anti-bacterial soap, and teh asprin. It really works:o)

    If you continue to have problems, contact the place where you got it pierced- they're usually really good about helping you out.

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    My friend got her nose pierced in the summer two and she also got that bump, but to stop the pain she just took it out. But if u dont wanna do that then you should go back to where u got it done and ask the person who did it or someone who works there for stuff you r suppost to put on it to keep it from getting infected. You usually need to use it about 3-4 times a day but my friend didnt buy any stuff and thats why she took it out. It should help. Some nose peircing r ment for some people and for the others, its not.

    hope this helps

    shawna :)

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    Sounds like at this point you may need to go to the doctor so he can possibly do a culture to find out what, if any, kind of bacterial infection you may is important as there is a new strain of staph infection that is virtually resistant to many of the typical antibiotics used to treat wound or skin infections, called MRSA. Unfortunately, I would suggest letting your piercing heal completely, as your skin can start to deteriorate from being irritated or infected all the time. Of course, on the lighter side, you could also be having an allergic reaction to the type of metal used in your nose jewelry as well. But I would still play it safe and have it checked out.

    Source(s): Medical Assistant @ Urgent Care clinic for 7+yrs.
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    OK, I know it is frustrating because I am having trouble with an ear piercing and that is what got me looking into it. I think this page below should answer your questions. I read that for a piercing to seem better and then get worse again is normal for some. So instead of telling you, I will direct you to the website of a very professional piercer. Good luck.

    Source(s): My own piercings
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    I don't know anything from personal experiance, but I do know that you must balance the cleaning, no cleaning and too much are bad. But seeing as you have tried everything, my advice is of no help to you. So why am I answering? I suggest checking out they have a lot of good information on there from professional piercers, and maybe something that will apply to you. Good luck with your piercing!

  • remove the nose peirce thing...then wait untill all the irritation goes away...

    apply some nice cold cream so that id dosent dry...and then insert it again...some metals can also be allergic to skin due to the oxide formation due to sweat and all...hence...remove the stuff on your nose and wait!!

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