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hi. i am a junior in high school. i recently took the ASVAB test and scored a 96 for my Military Entrance Score (AFQT). apparently, this is an incredibly high score and i was advised to look into/consider a career in the military, something i had never considered before. my other score in the career exploration and asvab test categories were also quite impressive. i have decided to begin looking into such a future and was wondering if anyone here had any advice to give me in my pursuing a military career. what steps can i take in looking into what i can do based on my score.. good websites etc. and how do i go about contacting a local military recruiter? thanks a lot..

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    If you scored high in your ASVAB test, that means that you are very smart and can pick your career instead of the career picking you. Before you consider joining the military, realize that once you are in, you can't get out for 2 years or more if the military thinks your skills are too valuable for you to leave the military. If you seriously want to join the military, consider going to college first so you can become an officer instead of an enlisted personnel. Clearly you are smart enough to get admitted to college but if you don't like school and don't have the money, you could join now and use incentives to pay for college later. A college degree is very valuable in civilian life and will open up even more career options for you, both in the military and civilian work force.

    Most important of all, join the military because you want to serve the country. Don't do it for the pay because the pay sucks.

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    No one could assurance you will not cross to Iraq. And the recruiter can't potentially understand whether or not or no longer you'll get a prime-paying process as soon as you are out of the Army. It all will depend on what you do whilst you are within the Army. A lot of navy jobs have civilian equivalents, however plenty of them don't. The relaxation of it can be actual, assuming you meet exact standards. Yes, they're going to repay your scholar loans, however more often than not no longer till you have been in a exact period of time or a minimum of graduated from fundamental. The grad tuition facet - tons of humans take on-line publications whilst within the Army, but when you're in an MOS in which you install plenty, it is subsequent to inconceivable. My husband might like to take skills of the schooling the Army presents however he is spent such a lot of his time within the Army in Iraq, so he has no time. Being within the navy is a well process and a well existence for the correct man or woman. The recruiters are well at exaggerating matters, so simply take the whole thing they inform you with a grain of salt. If it is not in writing, anticipate he by no means even mentioned it, due to the fact that it is not going to occur. I might obviously be certain that some thing approximately mortgage pay-off is for your agreement, the relaxation of it they are no longer going to place in there, sorry.

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    If you scored that high that means you probably did well in school in terms of GPA and scored pretty well at your SATs. If you are thinking about college at the same time as well, think about becoming an officer. There are couple of ways of doing this but the method that I went through and I think is the best for most people is throught ROTC, Reserve Officers Training Corps. There is one for Army, Air Force, Navy and the Marines go through the Navy program. They are at most schools, you might have to travel across town once or twice a week. But jest of it is that the as an officer you are the ones making the decisions (hopefully) as enlisted when you first do it people tell you what to do.

    If you want to be the person making the decisions and you find yourself the leader and want to be challenged all the time than seriously consider going to or another .

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    Your score means that you tested higher than 96% of the people that take the ASVAB.

    This means that you are well qualified for most of the positions available in the military. Naturally, there are other factors that must be considered as well.

    A good website to check up on the military is

    From there, you can explore the various services and positions, see how you scored for which positions, etc.

    As to how to contact a local recruiter, there should be a listing in your phone book, or your school's guidance counselor should have the phone numbers.

    Source(s): Former Army Recruiter
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    Stay out of the Marines... they do no treat women well generally speaking. What do you want to do? What you want to do has a lot to do with which branch you go into. If you are interrested in the medical field, the Navy or Airforce are both good, down side to Navy is, they could put you green side and station you on a Marine base... I have been married to a Marine, and live in a Marine town... My husband is ex-Navy... big differences in their behaviors toward women.

    Next major bit of advice, your recruiter WILL lie. NO exceptions. Even if you get it in writing, there is a little clause in the papers you sign stating nothing the recruiter told you does not matter unless it is a specific contract. Otherwise, it does not exist.

    A recruiter for enlisted is not the same as a recruiter for officers... Always better to start at the bottom of the top pile so to speak...

    Probably the best possible scenario would be to look into branches that will allow you to go to college (not necessarily their academy) and then allow you to enter into the service after you are done with college... many branches will pay for you schooling if you promise to do 6-8 years in their branch.

    There are also CIA type jobs, Coast Guard, etc. I like the Coast Guard personally, but I recently looked at CIA type jobs and they had some very interresting programs to offer that included education...

    You can go into a technical field. Concentrate on what you can take to the civilian world with you... don't be a secretary. Get good job skills for when you get out of the miliatry. Always think about what you want to do when you are no longer in the military. Even if you love it and stay in for 20 years, you will only be 38 and you will want another career or to take that career into the civilian sector.

    US Coast Guard is actually one of the best branches if you want to travel, not the Navy believe it or not. They also have good helicoptor training. Army offers good Vet and Engineering types of things, and Biological, Nuclear... Navy offers the better Medical fields, technical fields (electricians, computers). The Airforce is the Corporate types of all the branches... they run things, good flight training, and frankly, nice. They are the businessy end of the military.

    You can go to each branches web sight and see what careers they offer. But like I said before, always look for what you can take with you into the civilian sector and make money... the military is not for everyone, it is tough and physical, and most of us can only stomach 4-8 years before getting sick of people telling us what to do... especially those of us who are smart and think for ourselves.

    Good luck

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    since u scored so high on the asvab u can do just about ne job in the military that u want. What I would suggest is that u ask ur recruiter to get u a list of every job skill in wut ever branch u are going into and review it on ur own time and see wich one would best strike ur interest. heres a hint pick something decent that has a high bonus.

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    With a score like that, the recruiters will be calling YOU soon enough. I can not make the decision about a military career, all I can say is go in with an open mind. Ask good questions. If something doesn't sound right, investigate.

    And remember this:

    The question used to be when I was a recruiter: "How can you tell when a recruiter is lying?"

    Answer: "His lips are moving"

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    With scores like that you need to go to college not the military. Then after you get out of college and you still want to join the military you can get a commision. Being enlisted stinks compared to being an officer.

    But if you are bound and determined to join the service without going to college first. Pick out some technical field like electroinics and make them give you a written guarantee for it. And my advice is the Air Force or Coast Guard since they are more like nine to five jobs compared to the other branches of the service.

    GETTING SHOT AT IS NO FUN!! BE THERE DONE THAT!! And anyone says they are scared after it is all over with stay away from them. They are the ones that will get you killed.

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    All you need to do is contact a local recruiter, they will give you a list of all of the available jobs in the branch of the military you choose to enlist in, from there, all you have to do is pick the three you like and choose one that you will commit to if it is available at the time of your enlistment. To contact a good recruiter, all you have to do is go to your local Guard Armory, only if you consider the National Guard, and ask to see the best recruiter in that unit, if you are looking at any onther branch, go to your local recruiting station, there are plenty of recruiters there.

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    that's an excellent score i think avg. is around 50-65 something like that i scored 75 and my recruiter said it was great . so you should look into it and find out for yourself your mental abilities have you qualified for any mos suitable for a female if your serious all that you have to work on is physical abilities. if you have any questions about entering just e-mail me i should be able to help you out.

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