A diabetic monitor...?

Is there a diabetic monitor that does not make you cut your finger to mesure the sugar lvl

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    Accu-Check Go new, Freestyle papillon are just 2 of the meters that allow testing from alternative areas, like the forearm, abdomen, etc.

    I have a patient who is a pianist, he complained of the same thing, his fingers were suffering, so he started to test BG from his ear lobe.He didn't have a new generation meter then.

    There's also a way to monitor BG from the abdominal region, using a tiny cathether that's implanted there. It measures BG every 5 minutes and after 3 days you can download the data into a computer to see a complete glicemic profile. It's called Guardian CGMS(continuous glucose monitoring system).But it's not for daily measurements.

    There's a new kind of device that measures glucose without having to "cut" yerself, Glucowatch, it's like a watch, uses electrical impulses and measures the Glucose not from blood but from the tissular fluids. I don't have experience with it, actually I have never used it , but you can read more on the links below.

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    Most monitors need just a small drop of blood to check glucose levels. Using a small lancet with a "pin prick" that is controlled by the device that looks like a pen. It makes it almost pain less. Never heard of having to cut yourself I have heard of a monitor that is in a trial, don't know the name. Maybe some doc or pharmaceutical rep out there can tell more.

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  • All modern glucometers give you the option of piercing your finger or the forearm and in all likelihood any clean skin surface would work. I must advise those lancing their fingers to use the SIDES and not the pads of the finger tips as using the latter will eventually cause you to lose sensation and dexterity. It is also true that if your skin surface is clean that you do not need to use alcohol and always using alcohol will dehydrate and age the skin.

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    Yes, a lot of the newer monitors will let you stick your fore arm as they need much less blood than the old ones.

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    There is one that allows to prick your arm, but no, unfortunately, we still have to get blood to monitor our blood sugar.

    Sorry, wish there was. Ouch.

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    I have hear that they are on the bring of getting fda approvial for something like that.

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