I have a 1997 SOHC, AT dodge neon that wont get spark?

New head gasket job, I started it up and ran great 5+ starts and then nothing. Engine shut down no sounds or anything. I checked all fuses and relays and I am not geting spark but I am geting fuel. I am not getting any voltage out of the feed to the coil. I replaced the cam pos. sensor and had the crank sensor check, good. It cranks great but still, no spark. I also tested the coil pack and it was good, and like I said I wasnt getting anything TO the coil. I cleaned all connections twice, and studied the wiring schematics.NOTHING!!! INFURIATING!!! I have talked to mechanics and experts but they havent told me anything I dont know. Possibly could be a fault in the ASD cicuit after the fuel injectors?? I am 14 and this was my first head gasket job on my sisters car and I recieved no help, my father lives in florida. Like I said the car was running great 5+ start ups after I finished the head gasket Then it cut out, no noises or smoke. Any help will be thanked with MUCH praise!!!


Yes. There are a cam and crank positioning sensor on one car. They have two different jobs I dont see how a late model car wouldnt have them both. Anywaise the cam sensor autozone couldnt test because they said it could cause damage to it if it is good and the crank sensor they were able to check and yes they used the right equipment. Also I wasnt able to add this is a distributerless (dis) engine, so no distributer rotor. Thanks for the input though!!!

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    Refer to your first question you had asked about this. Plenty of answers there.

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    Don't sound all that difficult. If no voltage at coil you got bad 12 volt connection or no ground. I didn't know they put cam pos. and crank pos. on same vehicle. How did you check the sensors ?? do you or someone have the proper tool to test it ?? A vom won't do it The check engine light probably isn't on but you should scan it as there may be codes that might help. It might be a good idea to check your park/neutral safety switch also.

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    you may want to check the lead and ground wire to the coil pack that would be the only thing stoping you from gettin spark. maybe wiggle the wire a bit and make sure it has a good connection maybe even the coil pack may need to be changed

    I have a neon and i never had issues with the coil pack not wokring but let me guess you did a head gasket cause it was leaking a hell of a lot of oil??

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    run a jumper wire to the coil and see if it will start.sounds like the lead wire that goes to the coil is bad.running a jumper,will giv it continusty voltage,and it should give the coil juice to fire the plugs.

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    Ditto... I even posted an answer there for you.

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