What do computer rpg computer designers use to make games?

Just wanted to know what program =)

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    If they're running the game on a reusable RPG game engine (set of preprogrammed functions designed to run RPG games) there will likely be tools available for that engine. Look for "level editors" for a game that's similar to what you want to make, at least in the mechanics of it.

    If they're building it from scratch, they'll use any of a multitude of general purpose programming languages.

    Sometimes it will be a combination of the two if they want to reuse prebuilt componants but do a lot of custom programming too.

    Then there's the graphic design part. Usually the graphics are imported from images created with general purpose graphics software like Photoshop or The GIMP. 3D objects are edited in special software, sometimes specifically designed for a particular engine, sometimes imported from general purpose 3D design software.

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    Really good ones, code from scratch, ther rest of us working in our basements, RPG maker XP.

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