Are lesbian girls turned off by bi-sexual girls?

I'm talking to this girl and she says to me "the fact that you're bisexual scares me a little I don't know if I can trust you". I told her that I don't believe in multiple relationships. If I am with a man then that's who I'm with and if I'm with a woman I'm not going to go around sleeping with guys. I feel mistrusted for no reason is this how it's always going to be?

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    It has always been really tough for bisexuals. The problem is that the media always portray women as 'dabbling' in lesbianism as opposed to the scary thought that women way want permanently not have men in their lives. This frightens lesbians into thinking that you'll just up and leave at minute.

    You won't always find this attitude but there are alot of misconceptions. If you've had a relationship with a women before for any length of time it might help to mention that. Also I've found that gay and straight people are afraid of bisexuals. It reminded me of something that a bi-racial person said after the end of apartheid. She said, "before I wasn't white enough and now I'm not black enough".

    Bisexuals need to stand their ground and carve out their own niches in the gay and lesbian community and carry on informing people and raising awareness.

    I'm sure there are support groups around for bisexuals to give you more support with this.

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    I hear you, I'm bisexual. Married for 10 yrs. and 2 beautiful children and I date girls on the side!! I always knew that I like girls and so did my husband.

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    I'm a lesbian and I don't "do" bi-sexual women. I don't want to go where men have been lately, ya know?

    I am not a man hater, I just am not attracted to them sexually, and if my partner was, then that would be a problem.

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    I think so, I'm bi..and les girls on here wont talk to me and most bi girls want you to do a 3 its tuff to meet nice girls

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  • 1 decade ago

    YES! Most bisexuals tend to be wishy-washy and dont know what they really want. Therefore, there's a threat of the bisexual girl leaving for both MEN & WOMEN.

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    If you were with me, then yeah, honestly... I mean, I'd never accuse you of cheating if you go out with your friends, but for me, if you didn;t answer your phone all day and for no reason, then I'd start investigating.

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    1 decade ago

    No, well at least not for me.

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