I hate desk jobs!!!!! Help!!!!!?

I hate desk jobs. I don't like to be in one place too long. I like going from place to place, moving around, and driving. Any suggestions on what kind of jobs would fit me. (Nothing like UPS or sanitation work. Something like personal assistant to an interior designer..... something where I could dress business casual or better.) Please Help


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    I work in retail. Sometimes the work sucks, but it is also great because all you are doing all day is moving around. You get a few breaks in the day, but you very rarely sit on the job. Work usually goes by really fast for me.

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    You should look into a Customer Service Position, where data entry is involved but not too much. This way your inputing orders in the system but only for a certain amount of time and then doing other things as well. I did a job like that once it made the day go fast and I was sitting too long because I was constantly going to the back warehouse.

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    Outside sales. Theoretically you could be on the road and going from customer to customer. Ask yourself honestly, "what is it in life that I am completely and totally passionate about?" and therein lies the beginning of a discussion of what career to pursue. It might not always pan out, but why do you think most sports announcers were once athletes themselves? Because sports is their passion and this is how you can make a living in that arena when you have to retire at the age of 35. Be creative in your thought processes and talk to people that know something about the directions you may want to go. The advice of people who have been there and done that can be very helpful.

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    Estimator. Large Contract type stores hire estimators to travel to homes measuring for floors, cabinets, window txs etc. Would be a great way to learn about interior design, youd be on the road and you prob could dress about like you choose.

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    Truck driver.

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    own your owm business


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