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how to do illusion makeup?

i was wondering if anyone here could properly tell my how to do illusion makeup. i dont know specifically what it consists of, other than creating shadows on your face to make your features look different. something in particular id like to be able to do is create shadows on my cheekbones and collarbones to make them pop more, or look more bony. how should i do this?

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    Unless it's for photographs, I wouldn't attempt this. It's darkening under bones to cause a hollow look and highlighting on bones to make them pop. So under cheeks it's a dark powder (a really matte eyeshadow can work) and a highlighter along the cheek bone. Dark along side the nose and into the outer crevice of the nostril, highlight on the bridge. But it's really fake and awful looking, even when done by a professional. It might not look like Rocky Horror Picture Show makeup, but it certainly says, "Wow, she's got on too much makeup!" So again, for photos...OK. For a party? Just show off the pretty face you have.

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