How can I find out WHERE MY HUSBAND HAS BEEN on our home computer?

It seems he's able to "track" me, but I don't know how to go about tracking his time on the internet, or his e-mails for that matter...

I'm not the MOST computer savy, so basic, step-by-step would be extremely helpful here. Thx!

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    There are alot of programs out there that can track computer usage.

    He might have installed one of those.

    If you are familiar with your processes, you could start looking for a prog that you are not familiar with.

    To track him you could look in history, check the cookies they have HTML in them so you would know where they come from, some cookies come from pop ups too though.

    you could also buy one of those programs made for tracking.

    good luck and happy hunting!!

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    if you have a pc....

    1) you have to be on your husband's account or have an administrator's account.

    2) go to your toolbar at the top of your internet screen. you will either see a sundial or a clock with a green arrow. this button is called "History" or "Search History". click on it.

    3) a list of all the websites that your husband's account on the computer has accessed will show up by date, site, most visited, or order visited today.

    4) if it isn't organized the way you want it to be, click on the word "View" above the list of websites. select the method you want.

    5) if you select "By Date", you will see little buttons come up for 2 and 3 weeks ago. there will also be buttons for last week and today. you may also see buttons for the past month/ year. click whichever one you think is best.

    6) if you select "By Site", a list of all the recent websites your husband has been on will appear.

    7) "Most Visited" and "Order Visited Today" are self-explanatory.

    hope this helps!

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    There is a history icon on your browser, click that and it will show everything that has been viewed. He may have saved his password for e-mail so just go to the website and click the box. If his e-mail address is there click it and the password might show up. Otherwise you won't be able to check his e-mail.

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    If he is tracking you he knows you have asked this question. He most likely is smart enough to hide the program from you. You best bet is to sit down and discuss the issue.

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    Your question is a great one, but often can lead to more disturbing findings. I would firstly say- "Just ask him" and open up a channel of communication with him. Do you really want to be the net police on him?

    There are zillions of relationships breaking up, simply because of a lack of the good ol "whats going on?" kinda question.

    So- again- Just ask him where he's surfed. Good luck.

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    Heres something tricky ;)

    What you need to do is go to your local electronic/ software store, tell them your story and ask them if they have any software for recording what your husband is doing, and make sure you can put a password on it so he cant stop it

    Hoped i helped

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    I don't think tech support is what your looking for here, why is he tracking you and why do you need to track him. You're married.

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    What you do is goto history on his computer and it shows the websites he's been to. (on the internet)

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    If he knows how to keeps tabs on you--

    he knows how to stop you from tracking him

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    Well, if he isn't too savvy, you could click the clock icon (History) to see if he's been on teh porn lately.

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