Can they tell if u lied on ur job app??Help plz?

If on the app it asks if uve ever been terminated or asked to resign and u say no. But u did for one job will they find out? Is that was the background check is for, i know that they can do various background checks for various things. This job im applying for is USAA. If i tell them the truth will they hold that against me or is it better to lie?

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    some companies check more than others...I would think USAA would check so in that case it would be better to tell them and explain what happened. It's better to tell them you got terminated and then be able to give YOUR reason why then to let them tell the story.

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    The background check is for contacting your previous employers, schools, and to see if you have a criminal record. Some companies have a policy of not stating the circumstances of your employment ending. It may depend on the size of the company you used to work for. If you tell the truth, just make sure the reason you give for being terminated or asked to resign puts you in a good light.

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    You should always tell the truth. But you should be safe because an employer can not ask why a person was terminated or left a job. They can only ask if the other company would ever hire them again. I used to be a manager and that was always tough.

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    Don't lie on your job application, if they find out then the fact that you lied will look worse than the fact that you were terminated.

    There are certain things they are not allowed to ask your previous employers, but not everyone follows those rules - they might find out or they might not. The background check is to check for credit history and criminal records, mainly. But they will call your previous employers.

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    Always better to go with the truth. They will respect your integrity. Let em find out you lied_ your gone! Do you want that hanging over your head ? They shouldnt be able to see that on a background check though that is for criminal things. Best of luck!

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    If they happen to call your former job, they can get a good idea whether you left under good circumstances. They can ask if your former boss would consider rehiring you. When he says, "no" they might fill in the blanks.

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    It's simple to find out truth from lie.

    Just check to see if info is true...

    I would not hire a liar................

    Why would I?

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    It is ALWAYS better to tell the truth. Always.

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