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What is happiness? (socially, politically and enviornmentally)?

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    According to Maslow;'s hierarchy of needs... you need to have physical needs met first before any other type of happiness can occur which is true across cultures. Social and political needs depend on the individual and their place on the socio-economic ladder of there society.

    Physiological Needs

    These are biological needs. They consist of needs for oxygen, food, water, and a relatively constant body temperature. They are the strongest needs because if a person were deprived of all needs, the physiological ones would come first in the person's search for satisfaction.

    Safety Needs

    When all physiological needs are satisfied and are no longer controlling thoughts and behaviors, the needs for security can become active. Adults have little awareness of their security needs except in times of emergency or periods of disorganization in the social structure (such as widespread rioting). Children often display the signs of insecurity and the need to be safe.

    Needs of Love, Affection and Belongingness

    When the needs for safety and for physiological well-being are satisfied, the next class of needs for love, affection and belongingness can emerge. Maslow states that people seek to overcome feelings of loneliness and alienation. This involves both giving and receiving love, affection and the sense of belonging.

    Needs for Esteem

    When the first three classes of needs are satisfied, the needs for esteem can become dominant. These involve needs for both self-esteem and for the esteem a person gets from others. Humans have a need for a stable, firmly based, high level of self-respect, and respect from others. When these needs are satisfied, the person feels self-confident and valuable as a person in the world. When these needs are frustrated, the person feels inferior, weak, helpless and worthless.

    Needs for Self-Actualization

    When all of the foregoing needs are satisfied, then and only then are the needs for self-actualization activated. Maslow describes self-actualization as a person's need to be and do that which the person was "born to do." "A musician must make music, an artist must paint, and a poet must write." These needs make themselves felt in signs of restlessness. The person feels on edge, tense, lacking something, in short, restless. If a person is hungry, unsafe, not loved or accepted, or lacking self-esteem, it is very easy to know what the person is restless about. It is not always clear what a person wants when there is a need for self-actualization.

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    Happiness is a state of being, it cannot be divided or attributed to several areas of life, unless if it's fake happiness that is based on inner lies and fraud. An example could alcoholics, who could claim to be happy by drinking but in reality, they're self deceiving.

    Happiness ideally is a long-term fullfilment, which means once you understand what is true happiness and attain it you should remain happy throughout your life experience. That's the spiritual meaning of happiness.

    Your question will be more plausible if you replaced "happiness" with "satisfaction", because satisfaction is only short term.. it pleases the five senses, where inside is actually poor empty.

    Happiness is an inner richness.

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    Happiness can never be achieved socially politically or environmentally. "You can't please all the people all of the time" and each of those areas have their own agendas. Happiness comes from within. It is internal not external.

    It is seizing a joyful moment and recognizing it for what it is, small as it may seem. It is accepting what IS right now. Living in the moment.

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    Well, we all have different variance when it comes to happiness.. Like for instance, food and my love on makes me happy already and you its not... There's really no universal definition of happiness. But if you want I can share my own definition of happiness and it is WHEN YOUR HEART FEELS COMFORTABLE AND AT REST DOING, STAYING, HAVING etc. SOMETHING OR SOMEONE.

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    Happiness is being with the people you love.

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    Inner happiness and joy gives you everything u mentioned

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    I say spiritual happiness is the best.

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    is having their needs

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