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Do you have any salad recipe using French dressing?

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    4 Cups Mayonase

    5 Cups Ketchup

    1 Cup Sour Cream

    1/2 Cup Olive Oil

    1/4 Cup Red Vineger

    1/2 Cup chopped, fried onions

    2 Tbs Garlic Powder

    2 Tsp Salt

    2 Tbs Sugar

    Mix it together in a bowl, and let it chill overnight.

    Serves about 7

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    French dressing is very sweet and is great to perk up potato or macaroni salads.

  • lou
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    1 decade ago

    hearts of iceberg lettuce

    sliced cucumbers

    sliced black olives

    chopped baby corn

    chopped celery

    a few baby tomato's

    chopped bell pepper

    carrot shavings

    chopped red bell pepper

    sliced radishes

    chopped scallions

    add the above to iceberg lettuce then top with chopped boiled egg and add french dressing. top with bacon bits and croutons!

    also, go to!

  • CARL W
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    1 decade ago

    French dressing with lots of fresh cracked black pepper , poured over fresh crisp romaine with grape tomatoes!!! YUM!

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