What are some tips for a substitute teacher that has to endure the "busy work" given by the regular teacher?

I get so tired of "babysitting". I'd rather be contributing to the children's education.. Any tips or ideas that I could use?

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    I substitute taught for 6 years and my husband just retired after 30 years. As a sub, you don't know what the teacher has taught and how he or she taught it. The "busywork" may actually be reinforcement of skills the teacher has already taught. The important thing as a sub is to keep the class under control and cover as much of what the teacher left as possible. In this day of No Child Left Behind and increased teacher accountability, it may be even more important. As a teacher, my husband was often annoyed with subs who did not follow his lesson plans and "did their own thing." By keeping the class under control and making sure they get their assigned work done you are doing two things, you are contributing to their education and you are also increasing your own chances of getting hired.

    Having said that, always take extra activities for the times when you get through the lessons faster than expected and there is that "hole". Sometimes teachers underplan for subs. That's where you get to be creative.

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    I have to agree with "threek825." I am a regular classroom teacher, but teach Spanish at the HS level. It is a real rarity that I get a sub who has any knowledge of Spanish or a foreign language. So I usually plan a movie that is culturally relevant with a worksheet. I expect the sub to make sure the students pay attention to the movie and answer the questions that they can while watching the movie. Sure, the sub could stop the movie a few minutes early and discuss it with the students. That would be GREAT! Does it happen? Not usually.

    I cannot EVEN tell you how frustrating it is to come back after a one or two day absence and the students do not have the work done that you left, because "the sub said...." or "that's not what the sub told us...." even when I have written the instructions on the whiteboard in the front of the classroom or copied them as part of a packet. Or the sub told each of three classes a different story/version of the assignment.

    But as "threek825" said, with NCLB and state-madated testing stressing basic skills and core content, review of those is always a good thing, and if that is what the regular classroom teacher has for you to do with the class, then that is what you should do while maintaining "orderly chaos."

    When I was a sub, if I knew ahead of time that I was subbing for a particular teacher and felt confident that I could "teach" his/her class, I would talk with him/her ahead of time and ask them to leave me "real" lessons - and later received great recommendation letters for my next job. There were certain teachers that I knew I was "just a babysitter" for and I simply accepted that I was an overpaid babysitter in that person's class and took attendance/maintained order. In other classes, the students actually welcomed a sub, because they knew they would actually LEARN something from me.

    Being a sub is a matter of being extra flexible and adapting to the situation.

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    Before you do anything that you want to do with the kids, make sure that you do everything that the teacher wanted, even if it is busy work. That is what the teacher planned and wants to be done. Most subs don't want more than easy busy work to give out. You can find games and activities on the internet to bring with you to use to fill in the down time. Thats what the kids will really like.

    Whats good to do is a few things that will help with classroom management:

    Have an assignment on the board when the kids walk in. Have them start it right away.

    Shake hands with every student as they walk in the door.

    Know what your back-up activites are. Coloring, reading or extra math worksheets. Have something available for them to do when they finish an assignment early.

    Have a trouble maker...you know who they are...become your special helper. Let them help you with the daily procedures and stuff. This will keep them from causing trouble and it will help you make the day go smoother.

    The site below has some good links to things!!

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    Bravo to you! I used to be a sub so I understand how you feel.

    I just came up with my own little lesson plan that was close to what the children were working on. I did k -5 so when I had the older grades I did something that got them involved, lots of oral communication, questions and answers, in the form of games. I had them tell me things about themselves and their families, neighborhoods etc (they love that).

    There are some great sites on the net that can give you some cool ideas. I am a homeschooler now and I have found a lot.

    Even look at the dept of ed site for your state. They usually have guidelines and lesson plans to give you some ideas.

    wishing you the best and again great job! :)

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    Being a sub? relies upon completely on the class and instructor. some are uncomplicated by way of fact the instructor has stable discipline, and others make you p.c. to kill the scholars. innovations - do no longer tutor anger, ever. Poker face. If the infants think of they are in a position to destroy out with some thing they are going to. Anger won't replace something yet decrease their opinion of you. - state your regulations, lead them to trustworthy and shop on with them devoid of happening and on approximately why you're giving them a detention. remember be Silent and deadly. in the event that they do no longer understand once you have reached your decrease they gained't attempt to push their success. -convey hand sanitizer. ( you may get very unwell from each and all of the moist, sneezed on papers you look after) Wash palms often. - convey stickers for the user-friendly age. Bribery works! :D -make acquaintances with the teachers at a school and locate out in the lunch room which instructions are particularly worth subbing for, and that are torture on earth. - start up out with a sturdy rep. in case you p.c. to be a sturdy sub, it takes some paintings, yet in the long-term your job is extra relaxing. in case you do no longer care the infants will understand, and it will suck to be you.

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    Well, your not the only one who hates it!! Try having the students compete with the knowledge that they are gaining from the "bust work" be careful, if your a pushover, they could very easily get loud and rowdy...Play jeopardy with them!

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